Five Simple Steps of Analytical Writing

  • Getting assigned to write an analytical essay is a quite common task for college and high school students. Before you begin writing you must understand what makes analytical writing different from any other type of an essay.

    An analytical essay requires students to critically analyze the subject, which typically is a piece of literary writing, a movie, or an issue. The aim is to present an argument about the work under analysis. When analyzing a work of literature, you will need to focus on the text, how it was written? What the motive of the author was, how he achieved it, what literary devices were used? And how did the author back his argument?  There are a number of essay typer services that help students who come to them with their write my essay requests.

    Here are the 5 simple steps to write an analytical essay:

    Pick a topic

    If you haven’t been assigned the topic by your professor, look for a strong topic that will be fun to analyze. For instance, you can analyze hamlet, or one of its aspects such as madness.

    Read and research

    Next you will have to carefully read the entire work and understand it. When going through the text, it is best that you jot down key points and make notes. This will ensure that you don’t miss anything significant.

    Write your thesis statement

    The thesis statement is the essence of the entire essay, it states the purpose and key points. It also helps the reader understand what the essay is about and what to expect from it. Craft your thesis before writing the rest of the essay, as the entire essay is written to prove your thesis.

    Look for evidence

    When you’re aware of your thesis and the main points, you will need to look for evidence to back it up. The main source for your evidence when writing about a novel will be the novel itself.

    Write the essay

    Once you have done your research, gathered the necessary material the writing stage will start. Begin your essay by writing a catchy introduction, introducing the main idea, topic and the thesis. Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence, its analysis and evidence to back it up. Your essay will have a three body paragraphs. End your essay by restating the thesis and summarizing the main points. Leave the audience with a thought-provoking statement.

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