How to Write Engaging Topic Sentences for your Body Paragraphs

  • Is this the first time that you’re hearing the term “topic sentence?”

    If yes, then, here’s everything you need to know to understand and write an interesting topic sentence for your essay. Most of the students try to look for 'write my essay' services to take help from their professional writers. 

    You must be aware of a movie trailer and its purpose. The purpose of a trailer is to highlight the main ideas of the movie and impress the audience so that they decide to watch the whole thing.

    Similarly, a topic sentence is the opening sentence of your body paragraphs. It gives the reader an idea of what is discussed in the paragraph, building their interest and motivating them to continue reading. It also makes it easier for the reader to understand the information being shared.

    Here’s how you can set the tone of your essay by sharing crafting an engaging topic sentence:

    • You must use simple and easy to understand language to open your paragraph. If the topic sentence has a difficult vocabulary or it’s too vague the reader might be discouraged to continue with the essay.
    • Although you are describing the idea or information you are going to share in the paragraph, at the same time, you must not make it sound like an announcement. Avoid starting your paragraph with a sentence such as “Here I will talk about the major factor contributing towards anxiety in teenagers.”
    • Use your topic sentence to link the essay to the thesis statement. Make sure that you stay relevant.
    • Describe the idea in such a way that it makes the reader curious, wanting to read more about it.
    • Don’t make it too general or too narrow.
    • Make sure that the topic sentence is provable, as you will need to present supporting evidence.

    In the absence of a topic sentence, it seems like the previous point is being continued. To avoid that you must ensure that you discuss a new idea after writing a topic sentence. If you face any difficulty writing it, professional help is easily available. Look for a reliable 'write my essay for me' and get them to assist you with your essay. Why stress over something, when help is a click away?