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Effective Tips of Writing an AP Lang English Essay

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    An AP English Language test is unlike your regular English language test. It is a high calibre Advanced Placement test that is used by the colleges to assess the students’ ability of doing college level work. How much does the test benefit its candidates is still a point of doubt, there are many students that still go for it and looking for ways to excel and pass it.

    To help such a student who thinks that I want to write my essay, we have gathered a list of helpful tips that will help him in writing a great AP lang English essay.

    1. Read and understand the Questions First: Instead if just getting to the writing and answers part, focus on reading and understanding the questions first. This happens when answering the free response questions that students do not read the questions carefully and rush into writing the answers. Read the questions first to understand what is being asked in them.

    1. Limit the Details: You do not have to add everything into your answers. You will have to add supporting claims into your free response answers but it is better to stick to two to three ideas only and explaining how they are relevant to your main claim.


    1. Make an Outline: Making an outline will help you in staying focused on your main idea and on the ideas that you will add into your paper. Take some time and make an outline of what you will add into the different sections of your essay and stick to it.


    1. Do not Add Irrelevant Details: Adding supporting sources and going crazy over them are completely different things. Use the sources to quote and highlight your main argument instead of summarizing them.


    1. Do not Define Everything: The AP Lang test examiners are learned people and they know about the different rhetorical devices that you have used in your paper. Just explain how the writer has used those terms and how are they relevant to your essay topic.


    1. Time Management: AP Lang test is timed and you will get three hours to complete your entire exam. Be careful of the time and don't forget to look at the clock. Ideally, finish your paper at least ten minutes earlier to double check it for any errors or mistakes.

    These tips are recommended by professionals that offer ‘write essay for me’ services to numerous students and help them prepare and do well in their exam.