What is Monobenzone Its Uses and Side Effects

  • Monobenzone has been gaining popularity these days as treatment for vitiligo. Most doctors also recommend it. Monobenzone cream aids in maintaining the shade of the skin shade for patients who are suffering from depigmentation problems on the skin. The main ingredient of Benoquin cream is monobenzone, that is why it is also called as monobenzone cream. Moreover, this type of cream is also useful in treating vitiligo. Many people patronize the use of this cream because it brings back their skin to a single, even-looking skin tone.

    Vitiligo occurs when melanocytes stop functioning. It is when the skin starts losing its color, and patchy white skin starts to appear in the affected areas. This condition occurs when melanocytes stop functioning. Monobenzone is a topical agent used to lighten skin. It usually appears in areas like the neck, arms, hands, nose, and legs.

    By using monobenzone, you must take precautions. Do not use monobenzone on the areas of the body which are not affected by vitiligo. Moreover, if you are allergic to monobenzone, avoid using one for safety.

    Using monobenzone doesn’t lighten the skin immediately. It may take up to 3 to 5 months to complete the depigmentation of treated skin. You need to consult your doctor when using this kind of medication and inform him of any irritations or progress that you encounter. The treated skin is usually sensitive to sunlight; that is why you should avoid exposing yourself under the sun.

    Monobenzone is usually applied 2 to 3 times a day on the affected area. Remember to use the product exactly as what the doctor prescribed. It is vital that you follow the prescriptions to ensure your safety and for your skin to avoid irritation.

    There can be some minor side effects such as redness, mild burning, cracking, or peeling of the skin while using this product. It is essential to observe the side effects and tell your doctor if it worsens.

    Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not advised to use monobenzone. Furthermore, undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery while having this kind of medication is discouraged.