Madden coins mechanism and play quarterbacks

  • EA Sports introduces a new competition mechanism in Madden 20, which is generally ignored by the general game media. That makes sense. After all, who really cares about the new scrambling mechanism?

    In EA play, developer Clint Oldenburg entered the demonstration phase, making various novel and exciting improvements to Madden 20.

    Aldenberg spent 16 seconds talking about the new scrambling mechanism, but don't let it fool you. Maybe you don't know, even EA doesn't, but the new scrambling / drop-down mechanism will have a wide impact on how the Madden 20 plays.

    Here are the exact quotes that can't be viewed:

    "The first is a new competition mechanism or pull-down mechanism. Its function is to enable you to pull down the passing icon by pressing the button once in the passing game, and become the holder who can fully control all rotation actions, hand raising actions, and holder actions. Then you can bring your own ball back to the icon with the same button, which can be pressed and thrown at any time. It makes any quarterback a double threat. "

    Let's take a quick look at the Madden 20 game clip that improves the drop rate of mut coins.

    Does it look great? Defending this can be a nightmare, especially if you're competing with Lamar Jackson or Michael Vick in the Madden 20 ultimate team, but on the whole, it seems interesting.

    We don't know what button you're going to press to turn on / off the exact information about the toggle icon, but it's just secondary information, which is not really that important.

    Depending on how you feel, this may be great, or it may attract a lot of attention.

    In the clips that marketing approved Madden developers shared with us at EA play, the quarterback rivalry is reasonable, if not unrealistic.

    In the first four months of the Madden season, what happened in the actual Madden online game between two Madden level online users was not as clean as the censored clips we showed. The Games in these games will become absurd, even a little off the mark.

    We'll see some outrageous (let alone numbing) performances from quarterbacks in Madden 20 . All of this happens when QB falls behind the line of contention and artificially slows down (no RB movement).

    With the new QB competition mechanism, who knows what we will finally see mut coins. Just consider the perfect integration of this with Patrick mahome's perfect X-factor accuracy feature, and nothing will be passed / thrown on him.

    Madden 15 is the last time the quarterback has maintained regular speed in the backcourt and has not slowed down artificially. You can't spin or jog, but EA Sports does introduce escape sticks, which help quarterbacks avoid potential sacks.

    Obviously, a complete repertoire of back-up actions (such as jumping, spinning, stiff arms, etc.) is much more powerful than avoiding sticks, so this is just the starting point. The quarterback in Madden 20 is expected to be stronger.

    Let's take a look at some of the clips that Danny best559, a longtime Madden school supporter, shared with us on his YouTube account.

    I'll bet you didn't click on this article to see Colin kaepernick absolutely chop San Diego Chargers, but here we are.

    Random side thinking: perfect accuracy, they say, and Crossbody disregard for passes is a new feature of Madden 20. Pleasantly surprised! It was a game five years ago.

    Let's take a look at another clip that shows young Derek Carr, making the cowboys' defense look silly.

    Depending on how you watch Madden, the two clips above may be awesome or incredible.

    We can reasonably expect this kind of QB game in Madden NFL 20. QB's design will be very effective in keeping the quarterback's income this year, but it will not bring too much pressure at all.

    Good Madden players will be able to instantly identify defenses through QB contact assignments, then make decisions to stay in their pockets and separate defenses.

    If you don't have a QB in defense, you can use quarterback to run around and play like that.

    What do you think about the quarterback moving at full speed and all the classic moves back behind the ball ? Let's play "lit or NAH" QB Scrabble edition in the comments section below.