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Narcissus has gone by carp.

  • Every day there is new evidence and new discoveries. The whole sanatorium is restless all day long and has become the residence of many tabloid reporters. Not only Cong Wei, but also the lives of other psychiatric patients have been greatly affected, and there have been several fights between psychiatric patients and journalists. Some film and television companies even plan to make a TV series adapted from Cong Wei's experience, which is euphemistically called "reflecting a female writer's rough emotional and literary path, and reproducing her rich and gorgeous spiritual world." In order to get a realistic effect, they specially went to the sanatorium where Cong Wei lived. The superficial actress tiredly "learns" Cong Wei's manner and expression according to the director's wishes, complaining from time to time that the director wants her to "pretend to be crazy". Disputes between tabloid journalists, contradictions within the crew, competition among photographers.. One after another, the sanatorium became a ceaseless machine for making news. Just as they were about to calm down, the reporters, anxious to see the world in disorder, stuffed the photos of Xiao Zhuo and Lu Yihan into Cong Wei's room through the crack of the door and the window, asked her if she knew them, and told her that they were dead. This unique activity of "recognizing relatives" made Cong Weideng collapse. She shouted and rushed out of the room, scratching the reporter's face. And this news, as a matter of course, hit the headlines of the entertainment news the next day. Things are getting bigger and bigger,inflatable amusement park, and Cong Wei has become a well-deserved "man of the hour" this year. Her books have been reprinted and reprinted by publishers and have sold better than ever before. Cong Wei's novel, Cong Wei's biography, "exposing X doubts and X mysteries in the Cong Wei incident", "exploring the emotional life of contemporary female writers", "in-depth analysis of the lonely overseas life of female writers", "reproducing the past 20 years of No.3 Taoli Street".. All kinds of books related to Cong Wei are selling well, and later even extended to the field of psychology,Inflatable mechanical bull, such as "Female Psychoanalysis and Famous Cases", if a picture of Cong Wei's panic is printed on the cover, it can also sell a good number, and later some lectures around "Female Psychology" are also carried out. This "psychological book craze" has been pushed to a climax. For the bleak book market at the end of the year, the hot sales of various books related to Cong Wei are a shot in the arm. The carts of street vendors selling books are also filled with many editions of Cong Wei's pirated and inferior books. When you happen to glance at their books, they will greet you with warm voices at the right time: "Do you want to buy a book? Come and have a look. There are Cong Wei's." Things are so big that even Man didn't expect it before. Jing saw a series of events in these days, which made her begin to understand the fickleness of the world, and also saw clearly the bad roots of the world's schadenfreude and self-interest at the expense of others. For Jing, who is new to society, these may come too quickly and too intensely. Before that, she seemed to have been indulging in her own small world, surrounded by only a few people, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable meltdown, but in the care of love, or sad for parting. Even with her mother, Jing also felt that it was a well-founded confrontation, they would use a direct way to confront each other, not so many traps, not so sinister intentions. How can Jing and Shen look on like this. They went to the sanatorium several times to pick up Cong Wei, but they were blocked by reporters, especially the appearance of Jing, which made the reporters who were about to calm down excited again. Everyone began to speculate about the "secret", and more active tabloids made bold inferences that "Jing is Cong Wei's illegitimate daughter". Although the hospital was extremely disgusted with the endless harassment (of course, from another point of view, it was a free advertisement for the hospital), judging from Cong Wei's condition, the doctor thought she should stay in the nursing home. I'm afraid no one knows how much trauma Cong Wei's soul has suffered. She went from panic, struggle, and resistance to a state of extraordinary silence. But no one knows what is underneath the apparent silence. The doctor said that he had to wait for all the reporters to disperse and Cong Wei to be completely relieved before he could make a comprehensive examination for Cong Wei and make an accurate diagnosis. But when will all the reporters disperse? Now the only thing Cong Wei can rely on is Shen He. Only Shen He pushed aside the reporters around the door and came in alone to see her, talk to her, and feed her; only Shen He, who could not bear it any more, rushed to the broadcasting station of the sanatorium and negotiated with the reporters through the microphone; only Shen He, who was not afraid of the rumors and damages that were breeding everywhere, denounced the despicable acts of reporters with fierce words; Only Shen He is doing the work of launching with little effect, hoping that more people can understand and care for Cong Wei. Jing did not stay out of it. But the reality decided that she could not appear in the nursing home, which would only attract more news and disputes, and add fuel to the fire of this ridiculous wave. In fact, Jing has been thinking about what she can give Cong Wei, or what Cong Wei needs most. Home. Yes, she wants to give Cong Wei a warm home, which may be the best comfort for her traumatized soul. 3 Taoli Street. She thought of it in the next second. Here and home have always been linked together, for her, for Cong Wei is the same. Jing believes that the soul is gathered in one place, and they have always been inseparable from the house that is related to their fate. She thought that if she took back No.3 Taoli Street, she would have a good place for Cong Wei to heal. Cong Wei can also live with Xiaoyan, how good. They are Xiaozhuo's relatives and should live together, and the injured people can understand the grief of others best, so they can treat each other. Jing wanted to buy the house, and she learned from the real estate agent that her husband, Zheng Peng, had mortgaged the house before his death. However, Taoli Street No.3 has already become a famous house because of this massive "Cong Wei Incident", and the price has doubled,inflatable water slide, which is amazing. Even if Jing took out all the money he had saved from his book and borrowed money, it was still far from the high price offered by the owner of the house. But Jing must get it. It is home. Jing decided to rent it at a high price first, and then slowly think of a way in the future. joyshineinflatables.com