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Introducing the Melodica instrument

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    Melodica is a small and light instrument that belongs to the family of reed wind instruments. The sound in this instrument is produced by blowing and pressing the keyboard buttons. Although it is a wind melodica, it is played by the keys like a piano, hence it is also called wind piano melodica. Melodica is a simple and modern instrument that has gained attention among people all over the world in a short period of time and has gained many fans.

    What is a melodica instrument?

    The melodica instrument, which belongs to the family of reed-sounding wind instruments, has a simple structure that produces sound by blowing into the instrument and pressing the keys. The polyphonic nature of the melodica is the most important difference between this instrument and other wind instruments. Although Melodica has not been around for a long time, it has quickly attracted the attention of many musicians in the world. Therefore, it is known by different names in the world, among the most famous names of this instrument are Pianika, Key Harmonica, Melody Horn, Melodion, Triola, Diamonica, Pianta, Calvita, etc.

    History of Melodica

    The first Melodica was made in Italy by a person named Andre Burrell, and in 1950, the Honor Company made the modern form of this instrument, which is actually the current form of this instrument.

    In 1960, Melodica was used by Stephen Michael Risch, a minimalist composer, in a piece called Melodica. Phil Moore also used melodica for the first time in the album Just Now. Later, the Brazilian musician Hermeto Pascual used the melodica along with singing. The use of melodica by a musician named Augustus Pablo made this instrument even more famous. Among the countries in Jamaica, this instrument had many fans and was considered a popular instrument among its people.

    Later, with the expansion of this instrument, it gained many fans all over the world, and it continues to find many fans among musicians, whether soloists, accompanists, or accompanying the orchestra.

    The famous pianist Saman Ehteshami was one of the first people who used this instrument in Iran.

    Nowadays, this instrument has found many fans among Iranian students due to its style and attractive structure.

    Components and structure of melodica

    This wind instrument has keys that are known as keyboard in piano and it is also called keyboard. This instrument has an air tank and a reed that connects to the mouthpiece of the instrument.

    In general, the components of melodika include

    • Pipe
    • Sarsaz or Qomish
    • case
    • Plastic body
    • Tabs page
    • keyboard

    The material of this instrument is plastic and in some cases wooden. The light instrument weighs less than one kilo and has about 37 keys.

    Types of melodika

    Melodica has a different sound range, which has a sound volume of two to three octaves. According to the scope of the audio instrument, its appearance is also different and has the following types:

    Soprano and alto melodica: This model has a stronger and thinner sound than other types. It is designed so that on the keyboard the left hand moves the black keys and the right hand moves the white keys.

    Tenor melodica: This type of melodica has a lower and more bass voice than soprano and alto melodica. The keyboard is played by the right hand and the left hand holds the chassis behind the instrument. In fact, the tenor is played by adding a pipe to the melodica and by two hands.

    Bass Melodica: The bass is more commonly used among professional musicians to play full pitch sounds. This type of melodica has a high price.

    Accordina: it is made of metal, but its wooden version is also available. Because its keyboard looks like a chromatic accordion and works like it, it is known as melodica accordina.

    How to play melodica

    Melodica, which is a wind instrument, works like a harmonica and a piano. Due to its structure, which includes a plastic tube and a keyboard, by pressing the keys and blowing in the mouth tube, the air flow causes the tongues to vibrate and produce sound. Air moves through the player's lips to the keys. The bass or lowness of the sound depends on the volume of air and the vibration of the strings.

    To play, according to the types of instruments, the musician uses one hand to hold the instrument and the other hand to hold the keys on the back of the instrument.

    This instrument can be played both standing and sitting. Although Melodica is an oral simulator, it is more difficult to pitch the notes in it than an oral instrument.

    Sound is produced by blowing into the pipe that is in this instrument and releasing the air from the buttons that are considered in the instrument.

    In fact, on the left side of this instrument, there is an opening for air intake, which produces sound by blowing into it, and there is also a button for air release on the left side. This button is pressed when the instrument is down.

    Duration of learning melodica

    According to the different types of this instrument, the soprano has the highest sound range and the bass has the lowest sound range. The tenor melodica has a smaller range of sounds with more depth. On the other hand, the way to play each instrument is different from each other. For example, the soprano is played with both hands, but the tenor model can be produced with one hand. The most important stage of learning this instrument is choosing the instrument according to its various types. On the other hand, according to the style of playing and how to use it in the group, the type of instrument is different. Therefore, pay attention to the above points when preparing the instrument.

    By playing the melodica, the student learns many musical techniques. In fact, most musicians who want to practice breath control and improve their finger movement use melodica.

    Although the melodica is a simple and easy instrument for beginners, you need a lot of practice in order to progress in playing this instrument.

    Also, in learning this instrument, how to hold the instrument, control the breath, and perform rotating notes are of great importance.

    It is very important to hold the instrument correctly according to the construction of the instrument. In fact, holding the instrument and pressing the keyboard with the fingers is taught in the Melodica class. According to the description and structure of the melodika, it is clear that this instrument is suitable for right-handed people, considering that blowing air and pressing the keys is the cause of sound production in this instrument, breath control is one of the other issues discussed in the melodika class. to be

    Although the Melodica is an oral simulator, it is more difficult to rotate the notes on it. In the Melodica class, you will be taught how to place your fingers on the keyboard and blow into the instrument to produce notes of pitch and pitch. At higher levels, accompaniment with the band and orchestra, as well as solo playing, are the most important stages of practice.

    Final points
    When buying an instrument, pay attention to the material of the body of the instrument, which should be polished and smooth so that it is not damaged by possible blows. Also, the instrument keys should have high resistance. On the other hand, the metal and alloy material in the body of the instrument is very effective in the sound quality of the instrument. A simple two-octave melodica is suitable for beginners. Because it is not complicated and has a simple structure and the student can easily relate to it.
    As it was said, the most important factors in learning melodica are having a suitable and high-quality instrument, and most importantly, persistence and interest. The motivation and excitement of learning along with the desire to progress alongside an experienced teacher who will convey the basic principles to the student paves the way for you.

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