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Qin Huang

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    This time, in the face of the open provocation of the forced card, Li Shijin volunteered to give up his spiritual practice and was willing to be transferred back to the human world to guard the land of Qin, competing with Difeng. Although Ling Han did not know how powerful the eight tower owners of Decca had gained in the island of refining gods, it was certain that Li Shijin and others should be able to keep the country of Qin when they went back. If it was really impossible, they would take people back to fight back the territory captured by Decca. Ling Han was naturally invincible with such a mentality. After Li Shijin and others left, more than one thousand people from the Kirin Pavilion were picked up by the bhikkhus. After they came to the Alchemy Island, this group of people were more worry-free than the people around Ling Han. They all took care of themselves and practiced themselves here with their own strength. They didn't have to worry about it at all. Ling Han still practiced and played by himself, but Ling Han had one more task. That is to play more prey,warehouse storage racks, Ling Han's father Ling Xiaotian and mother Han Ziyun here can be regarded as a happy direction. Because the creatures on the island of refining gods are all on the earth, since Ling Xiaotian was promoted to the fifth level of Jian Zun, he began to go out hunting with Ling Han. Mother Han Ziyun also went out hunting under the protection of Ling Han and his father Ling Xiaotian after reaching the fourth level of Jian Zun. The family of three has almost become the nemesis of the beast on the island of refining gods. The IQ of the beast is not very high. But to see the three of them will appear like a frightened bird fleeing around, Ling Han and others are in hot pursuit. After half a year of this life,shuttle rack system, all the people in the Kirin Pavilion reached the third or fourth level of Sword Zun and above. Ling Han sent more than one and the bhikkhus to send them back. Originally, under the deliberate control of Li Shijin, the war between Qin and Decca was maintained in a state of neither going up nor down. Li Shijin didn't want to compete with Decca too early, because if it was a real full-scale war with Decca, Qin Guo had to pay a great price even if he could win, so Li Shijin waited for more than half a year. But Li Shijin did not wait in vain. After more than 1, mobile racking systems ,industrial racking systems,500 people in the Kirin Pavilion returned to the Taoist world, they simply injected a heavenly soldier into the Qin Kingdom. Wherever the Kirin Banner went, the Dika Army was defeated. The three words of the Kirin Pavilion had become a nightmare for Dika, and also the messenger of the end of Dika. With the efforts of the members of the Kirin Pavilion, Dika was gradually swallowed up by the Qin Kingdom. Seven of the eight tower owners were killed in battle, leaving only one Xihongsi who gave up all his rights and only wanted to improve his strength. Domingo, with the love of master and apprentice, took Xihongsi to the Jinshui Lake of Lianshen Island to practice. Forgot to say, at this time, Domingo and Rambok are both the peak of the eight-level Dharma God. With Ling Han strength, Ling Han is also just promoted to the ninth level of law God, Xi Hongsi after observing the strength of the members of the Kirin Pavilion guessed that Ling Han and others must have found a suitable place to practice and quickly improve their cultivation on the island of refining gods, when the net came here, Xi Hongsi's reaction was basically the same as when Xiao Nuo came. It took a long time to get used to it, even fainting and suffering. Since then, new changes have taken place in the pattern of the human continent. Dika, which has dominated the human continent for tens of thousands of years, has been completely swallowed up by the Qin Kingdom. The mainland has completed its true unification. The name of Ling Hanqin's first emperor will be spread on the Dika continent forever. The God king of the divine world also observed the emergence of a large number of venerable masters in the human world, but he never thought that this would be related to his open refining island. Because the masters of the human world enter the Alchemy Island all through the direct transmission of Bido and Bhikkhus. He did not go through the regular channels to enter the divine world and then enter the refining island through the God King Zhan Tian. God King Zhan Tian also faintly felt something was wrong. Because the eight tower owners of Decca were deliberately put down by him, because he found that there was no news after Ling Han entered the island of refining gods, and he did not know whether he was dead or alive, but after careful consideration, he decided to let the eight tower owners of Decca attack Qin in the lower world,heavy duty rack manufacturers, so that Ling Han could not practice at ease. But in any case, he did not expect that the country of Qin in the human world would suddenly seem to have emerged so many masters of the venerable level overnight. Such a number of people even in the divine world is also very difficult to gather, this Ling Han in the end is to use what method to let the people of the human world also practice to such a high level? This is a question that Zhan Tian has been thinking about for such a long time. jracking.com

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