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    "I just want to go. Last year I went to the Green Blue Star with the Master. No one knows me. I'm not in danger." Hei Tong quickly explained, Qin Yu listened and smiled: "Well, you want to go." "Yeah, uncle is the best for me." Hei Tong hugged Qin Yu and said sweetly. Eldest brother Black Feather frowned. Come on, Shaggy Bird, just go to the Green Blue Star. What's the big deal? Hou Fei said. Qin Yu said, "Xiaohei, my soul realm has reached level nine now." Immortal emperor level, even Peng Demon Emperor, the soul realm is only eight demon emperor. As long as I follow Xiaotong, she's not in any danger. Qin Yu is very confident. Now his own soul realm is high, and only a few people in the whole world of immortals and demons can find him, but he can find others. All right, then. Hei Yu nodded, then looked at Hei Tong sternly, "Xiao Tong, you must listen to your uncle." "Uncle, are you going too?" Hei Tong said with a bitter face. Why, can't you? Qin Yu asked with a smile, he felt a little. Xiaotong seems to have a little secret. No, it's okay. Hei Tong tried to squeeze out a smile. Green Blue Star, as the core planet of a galaxy, the number of masters here is obviously much higher than that of Liu Lan Star, where there are many immortals and demon masters, mixed fish and dragon. And Qin Yu and Hei Tong are in a restaurant. Hei Tong had a messenger bead in the palm of his hand under the table. Uncle, I want to go out for a stroll in a talent city. Hei Tong stared at Qin Yu and said. Alone? Qin Yu was slightly confused. Hei Tong nodded repeatedly and then said coquettishly with a small mouth, "Uncle, just let me go out for a stroll." "I'd like to see what little tricks you play." Qin Yu's immortal consciousness has discovered the transmission spirit bead in Hei Tong's hand,pallet rack shelving, "well, but don't fool around and make trouble for me." "Hey, sure, sure." Hei Tong jumped out of the restaurant happily, and the whole person slipped away, but Qin Yu's immortal knowledge covered the whole green and blue star, unless there is a master whose soul realm has reached the ninth level of immortal emperor, otherwise no one can detect Qin Yu's exploration. Hey, Yu Wei, have you heard that there is a big fluctuation in our fairy world? An immortal in the restaurant said, "I've been staying in the demon world all the time, and I'm not very familiar with the situation in the fairy world." Another Qingshan youth nodded and said, "Yes, now there is a fluctuation in the celestial world. Hundreds of years ago, the forces of Emperor Yu and Emperor Xuan were United. Not long ago, push back racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, another force rose. The leader seemed to be called Emperor Yan. And a few days ago.." Qing Di abdicated directly and handed over his position as leader to his brother. "Why did Qing Di abdicate?" Inquired the immortal. The young man called Yu Wei shook his head and said, "Who knows? Emperor Yu was attacked by Qin Yu's predecessors and abdicated. The Qing Emperor's reputation spread far and wide. How did he abdicate?" "Qing Di abdicated?" Qin Yu frowned, raised his glass and drank it down, but he still thought in his heart, "I remember, when I was in Crescent Bay, some kind of skill of Qing Di seemed to be done.". Is he going to abdicate now? Crossing the divine plunder? Qin Yu felt a shock in his heart. Also, when is there a Yan Emperor in the fairy world? I haven't heard of it. Forget it. Qin Yu will no longer think, and at the moment a group of people in the restaurant are constantly chatting, there are talking about the immortal demon world of various big people, but also talk about some sectarian trifles. Suddenly Qin Yu's eyes lit up: "It turns out that Hei Tong, the little girl, wants to go to the Green Blue Star for this." …… In the private room of another restaurant. Hei Tong is talking with a young man who is only a first-level demon. The young man looks very simple and honest. He always has a simple smile on his face. Big guy, you're not in a hurry. I'm a month late. Hei Tong said with a laugh, looking at the simple and honest young man with his smart eyes. The simple and honest young man shook his head again and again: "No, I'm all right anyway. I usually practice on a hilltop outside the city." "Here, big man." As soon as Hei Tong stretched out his hand, ten top-grade yuan Lingshi appeared on the table. "Look, your skill is so low and you are so poor. Take this yuan Lingshi back and practice it well.". I have a lot of these things. The simple and honest young man shook his head repeatedly: "No, no, I can't take it." If you don't want it, I'll leave. With these words, Hei Tong looked angry and wanted to go out. The simple and honest young man was in a hurry. For a moment, he didn't know whether to stop Hei Tong or take the ten top-grade yuanling stones, but Hei Tong's eyes were shining with a smile at the moment. "This naughty little girl is in love." Qin Yu, who was far away in another restaurant, laughed and raised his glass to drink slowly. Episode 13 Chapter 37 Guo Fan "This young man only looks at yuan Ying as a first-level demon, but his soul realm has reached the third-level demon realm, which is very strange." Qin Yu heart floated a trace of doubt, Qin Yu now how strong, the youth's background Qin Yu see through at a glance. Youth, the body should be an ordinary monster in the flying bear family, not even a mythical beast. Thinking about it, Qin Yu's immortal consciousness carefully observed what happened to Hei Tong and the young man in the hotel. I'll take it, okay? The simple and honest young man said hurriedly. Hei Tong sat back with satisfaction: "That's more like it." Hei Tong seemed very happy. "Big man, I didn't know your name when I met you last time. Can you tell me what your name is?" The simple and honest young man took a deep breath, mustered up his courage and said, "My name is Guo Fan!" "Guo Fan, oh, Guo Fan." Hei Tong murmured a few times. My name is Hei Tong. It is very abrupt a voice rings, the voice is very small, even Guo Fan did not hear clearly, Guo Fan is stupefied: "Girl, what did you say just now?" "I didn't hear you pull it." Hei Tong suddenly stood up and walked out of the elegant room. "Guo Fan, go out with me." "Is it Hei Tong?"? Hei Tong, Hei Tong,industrial racking systems, good name. Guo Fan whispered twice, then stood up hurriedly, "here we are." Guo Fan. kingmoreracking.com

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