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How many of us in Michigan can report this

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    Fine. So. How many of us in Michigan can report this? Well, Wang Zishao counts as one, and Suo Wendao counts as one. What else? So, all it takes is two people. Hum, so you think it's big, I think it's small-just to shut up two people, can't we do it? Big deal, plus a few officials in Dengzhou. Who else, who else can talk? The book often teaches children that the emperor (the highest official) does not know the truth about all the ugly things and is deceived by the lower levels-in fact, this is a political means of fooling the people and looking for scapegoats. Zhang Yong is the gatekeeper of the palace. He knows more about the truth. For example, millions of people in Jingzhaofu fled after destroying their homes. The emperor could not know nothing-he only pretended to know nothing. When do officials need to know the truth? First, when they can't cover it up; second, when they need an incident as a political weapon to attack someone, the relevant personnel can "really know". Politics. It's always been like this. Zhang Yong had only perceptual knowledge of this, so he panicked; while Zhao Xing rationally realized this, so he was very calm. He frankly knew that politicians would selectively not hear things they did not like to hear. Even if you shouted loudly in his ear, he still pretended not to hear. Perhaps, the chapter to guarantee the ticket is not credible; perhaps, the rumor can finally reveal the truth, however, in a short time, he only needs to deal with two people on the line. Buying two people is a small investment,rapid sand filters, but it can bring him big profits. From the perspective of cost-effectiveness, this risk is worth fighting. What Zhao Xing had just said was tantamount to a disguised accusation of the emperor, which might be regarded as heresy in other Dynasties, and the audience would fall out and walk away. But in the Song Dynasty, although the two people present felt very embarrassed, they were still listening attentively, listening to what Zhao Xing could do to make the people in the court "choose to be deaf" about this matter. What did we do today? Hundreds of people encountered a storm in the process of escorting, drifted to an unknown place, then landed, and accidentally crashed into Yingzhou. "You think about this matter again," Zhao Xing asked. Up there, Belt Filter Press ,fine bubble diffuser, in Zhizhou. Zhang said stupidly as if he had been hypnotized. Wang Zhizhou doesn't count. He's a grasshopper on the same line with us. Think about it again. "There is the Ministry of War." "Think higher, be bolder, and push higher." The Privy Council? An official? "You go to Taizu and Taizong to speculate." "Taizu and Taizong know about this." "You are a man." Zhao Xing had no choice but to guide you. "I ask you, what is the wish of Taizu and Taizong in their lives?" Zhang Yong answered this question very quickly: "Taizu and Taizong's lifelong wish is to restore Youyan!" "Well, you put what you just said together with what we did today." Zhang Yong was still at a loss and ignorant. Deng Yufu had already understood. He muttered to himself, "Taizu and Taizong's lifelong wish is to restore Youyan. We entered Yingzhou by mistake today." The two men were still thinking hard about the connection between these two sentences, but Diyuan Yeping, who had sailing experience, had already reacted. He immediately objected: "This is no good. Our small boat can carry twenty or thirty people at most. If we want to put tens of thousands of teams on the seashore, we need at least hundreds of big boats. In addition, we need to transport siege equipment and food supplies.." Such a solitary army plunges into the vast mountains and dares not go too deep into the interior-it is of no help to the great event. yuan Yeping's comment made the two men suddenly wake up, and Deng Yufu answered quickly: "Even if it doesn't help with the event, there will be no trouble from now on!" Deng Yufu said that if Liao launched a harassment war on the border again, the Song water army could go to the rear of Liao. Anti-harassment is carried out in coastal areas, so that although large-scale cross-sea operations are restricted by shipping and the time is not ripe, small-scale harassment can be achieved. In this way. Liao had scruples, and no longer dared to come to the Song Dynasty to rob unscrupulously-Liao people elegantly called this kind of robbery "Grass Valley". Although Zhang Yong is stupid, he is still very clear about the operation of officialdom. Deng Yufu mentioned it. He immediately understood the mystery: "You mean: If we succeed in harassing this time, in order not to alert Liao, as long as we do a little concealment, the Xianggong of Zhengshitang will pretend not to know." "Yes!"! If our harassment is successful this time, the officials of Zhengshitang will be on guard along the coast in order to shirk their responsibilities and not alert Liao. Even evacuating coastal personnel. So that large-scale operations in the future have lost their secrecy.. So, as long as we do it cleanly, they will help us wipe our ass-this matter is confidential, who will ask you in the future, you will be responsible for the righteousness, but who dares to disclose it privately? If there is no one to speak below, will Zhengshitang make much ado about nothing? What's more, our hands and feet are clean-there are more than a hundred Jurchens in the team, and there are enough Japanese armor in my cabin (Japanese call it Tang armor). Distribute the Japanese armour and Japanese swords. Give each soldier a title and forbid them to talk to each other in Song language. What would the surviving officials of Yingzhou think if they found these armed civilians wearing Japanese armor and armed with Japanese swords? Are they more likely to decide whether we are Song people or Jin people? We also have a real Japanese-yuan Tui Guan, but where there is a place to speak. Like a war bulletin. It's all his responsibility. His Japanese habits can't be changed, and his words and sentences are different from ours. Add a little real Jurchen. The hairstyles of the Jurchens in the procession can't be hidden. All of them add up. You say, even if we shout everywhere afterwards that we did it, do you think the Khitan people will believe it? Zhang Yonglue was a little tempted: "No, they will think that the Jurchens deliberately pretend to be, or the real Japanese insult Yingzhou..." But there was still a trace of hesitation in Zhang Yong's mind. He hesitated and asked,lamella tube, "Li Ren, you said that hundreds of us attacked a small town. Once we failed to attack, the soldiers would be injured again. How could we explain to the higher authorities?" 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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