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    Xia Xufeng walked up to Wan Shiwan and lowered his body. His smile seemed to be mixed with poison. There was a smile in his voice that could not be concealed. "That's all right. Let's go." Wan Shiwan followed Xia Xufeng to go in, she really did not understand, Xia Xufeng in the end want to do what? He always intentionally or unintentionally mentioned Yao Jing Yu, is he really just idle boring? This meal of Wanshiwan is tasteless. The restaurant of Yao Style Group is famous, but this delicacy still tastes like chewing wax in Wanshiwan's mouth, but Xia Xufeng is very happy to eat. Xia Xufeng's self-cultivation is not inferior to Yao Jing Yu, and his every move seems to be not much different from Yao Jing Yu. Is this a deliberate imitation or. Xia Xufeng saw that Wan Shiwan had not eaten a few mouthfuls but had been staring at himself. He could not help pulling up the corners of his mouth. He finally saw the eyes he expected to see. Xia Xufeng put down his chopsticks and said with a smile, "What's wrong?" "No.." Nothing. WanShiWan don't open face, she shouldn't find the shadow of Yao Jing Yu in the body of Xia XuFeng, Yao Jing Yu is Yao Jing Yu, whether Xia XuFeng like Yao Jing Yu or not, Xia XuFeng will not be Yao Jing Yu. Xia Xufeng said with a half-smile, "I'm curious why you fell in love with Yao Jing Yu at the beginning.". You should know that the girl who likes him can go around Suiyi University several times. But most of these girls finally retreated, after all,disc air diffuser, a man like him who indulges in self-admiration will feel tired after a long time. ????? Ah ????? Rong ????? Alone ????? Home ????? The whole ????? Reason ????? "Teacher.." Are you too nosy? Wan Shiwan quietly rolled her eyes. She didn't care who was sitting in front of her. What she hated most now was that someone talked about her pursuit of Yao Jing Yu in the past. Xia Xufeng laughed instead of being angry. He was more and more interested in the girl in front of him. He admitted that Wan Shiwan's appearance was indeed the most ideal state in many men's hearts, but the appearance alone could not capture Yao Jing Yu's heart. You should know that this man was invulnerable to his own package. I care about you, not gossip. You should know that you are my student, and if you fall down again in the future, I will be punished. Your former head teacher is a good example. Xia Xufeng's words are always calm without ripples,MBR reactor, but they are like a knife reminding you all the time. Wan Shiwan had nothing to say for a moment. She looked at Xia Xufeng sitting in front of her and looked at his proud smile. She was very angry, but she had no alternative. She said, "Teacher, love is free.". What's more, I chase Yao Jing Yu such a big thing, you are not already know almost, why bother to satirize me again. "I didn't mean to be sarcastic." Xia Xufeng turned his head sideways and smiled as before: "I'm just worried that you have delayed your study because of love.". Don't you have to go to the wall of honor? In your current state, let alone the honor wall, whether you can graduate smoothly or not is a problem. What is the matter with this man? Wan Shiwan frowned slightly, she did not understand why Xia Xufeng had to rub salt on his wound, lamella clarifer ,Lamella Plate Settler, was it because he slept in class? This man is so vindictive that he is definitely a bachelor. Teacher, do you have a date? Wan Shiwan took the opportunity to fight back. Uh Xia Xufeng did not seem to realize that Wan Shi would ask this question. He hesitated for a moment and answered, "No." "I guess you don't. Teacher, you are much older than me. Even my sister is married. Why don't you get married? Aren't you in a hurry?"? Aren't your parents in a hurry? Aren't your aunts in a hurry? Wan Shiwan looked at Xia Xufeng's smile gradually solidified, with a little pride at the corners of his mouth. Xia Xufeng slowed down for a long time, and his eyes gradually dimmed. But before long, he said with a smile, "Why, are you going to introduce someone to the teacher?" "Well.." Wan Shiwan had already thought about selling his deskmate Xiangnan. Anyway, Xiangnan said that Xia Xufeng was good-looking. Do you think my deskmate will succeed? As the saying goes, it is better to pit our own people than to pit others. How can Xiangnan live up to their friendship at the same table for many years without digging a hole first. Xia Xufeng laughed after hearing this: "Your deskmate?"? Who is it. I didn't even notice. All my attention in the first class was on you. This man is really a grudge, all to now, still thinking about Wanshi sleeping in class at night. Xia Xufeng stood up. Somehow, he suddenly sat down beside Wan Shiwan. He was so frightened that Wan Shiwan leaned against the wall beside him. Wan Shiwan pulled the window frame with both hands and whispered, "What are you doing?" Xia Xufeng took out a tissue and gently wiped the corners of Wan Shiwan's mouth, whispering: "Actually, I think it's better for you to do it yourself than to introduce your deskmate to me.". Anyway, you even dare to covet Yao Jing Yu, will you still be afraid of me? Wan Shiwan's body froze in place, she really did not expect Xia Xufeng to say such a thing, this man will not be directed at himself at the beginning? "That's no good!" Wan Shiwan refused with righteous words. Xia Xufeng is very close to Wan Shiwan, and the breath on his body seems to stick to Wan Shiwan's body. After a long time, Wan Shiwan feels a little dizzy, and I don't know if he's really scared by this man. With your courage, no wonder you can't catch up with Yao Jing Yu. Xia Xufeng said with a slight sneer. So what? At least I tried. Wan Shiwan moved aside again to keep a certain distance from Xia Xufeng, always feeling that the man was up to no good, and now it seems to be true. Xia Xufeng stood up, straightened his clothes, and said, "Go back after eating. It will be too late to wait for the entrance guard of your dormitory." "It's still early." Wan Shiwan looked at his watch subconsciously. When Xia Xufeng heard this, he lowered his head and said, "Why,Dissolved Gas Flotation, are you going to go home with me after the entrance guard?" "No!" Wan Shiwan immediately stood up and said with a straight face, "Let's go, teacher.". Let's go back. Wan Shiwan returned to the dormitory in the evening and his heart was still pounding. The feeling of being stared at by the teacher was really terrible. He was still a teacher who knew about his embarrassment. He always felt as if he had something in his hands. khnwatertreatment.com

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