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The Black Mountain Demon

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    "When Granny Sang saw the golden needle coming, she was so energetic and anxious that she broke the protective spirit. She couldn't resist it, so she wanted to abandon the horse and escape." Yan Chixia's target is not me. It's better to escape first! Granny Sang was only forced to surrender by Wang Zhong. She didn't have any idea of loyalty. Seeing that the crisis was imminent, she wanted to escape first. Suddenly a gust of wind blew from behind. It was bitterly cold. In broad daylight, under the sun, eighteen ghosts appeared out of thin air and rushed forward. Two black devils flying out of the car held the sword pass in one hand and flew down with the other hand. They were just in front of thousands of golden needles. They were caught and all of them were taken away. The ghost demon? Yan Chixia saw that Li Tianting's golden needle had been captured by the man hiding in the car with the black evil spirit. It was expected that it was the heir of the old demon of the Black Mountain. He was not strong enough to deceive the other side. He was about to use the secret two-instrument swordsmanship of the Emei Sect to break the big hand of the black evil spirit. When he saw the wind blowing, eighteen fierce ghosts in the yellow dust came! This surprise is no small matter, knowing that such ghosts are impermanent, being thrown up, the consequences are unimaginable. If it is light, the evil will enter the body; if it is heavy, it will be killed immediately. It was too late to take back the sword and block it. In a hurry, he bit the tip of his tongue, spurted out the essence and blood, rubbed his hands, and used the five thunder methods of Tianxin taught by Xu Hongru, the leader of White Lotus Sect. Five thunder swings demon atmosphere, the heart of heaven is my heart! Broken! Boom! Lightning flashes, thunderclouds surge, and a thunderbolt explodes from it. Electric snakes soar and twinkle, shining and dazzling. Eighteen Yin succubi howl and are swept away. Their essence is greatly damaged. They turn into white smoke and get into the car, and then into bone beads and bracelets. The thunder was so powerful that Grandma Sang rushed ahead and was knocked to the ground on the spot,filter nozzle, howling fiercely, with dishevelled hair and blackened clothes. Wang Zhong didn't expect that Yan Chixia would meet the Five Thunder Dharma of Tianxin in the Dragon and Tiger Mountain. Originally, ghosts appeared in broad daylight, and their power was greatly reduced. She also met the Five Thunder of Yin Demon. Thanks to Yan Chixia, she could only use the lowest white light thunder. If she used the highest magical power of Purple Mansion God Thunder, she could hardly avoid it. After a thunder, Yan Chixia's face was pale, and it was obvious that she had spent too much energy. "Put the signal!" Li Tianting nodded and let go of a white smoke that screamed and burst into the sky,rotary vacuum disc filters, turning into a huge white lotus! Yan Chixia pointed with her hand at the same time, regardless of Grandma Sang, two sword lights rushed up, one turned into nine, and the red glow billowed into the sky, which could be seen ten miles away. young master Nie Xiaoqian sees the situation crisis, think of an idea secretly, fly a sword to fight, oneself cannot help. Nie Xiaoqian, Sang Honger, you two go to Ye He to see a woman named Lv Na first, listen to her arrangement, I have my own plan in the future! Wang Zhong saw that Yan Chixia used two instruments to split the swordsmanship, and the sky was full of Chixia purple light. His Xuanyin Black Evil Spirit captured the fire too shallow, and when he saw that he could not resist it, wall penstocks ,Mechanical fine screen, he was caught with his hands tied. Suddenly, she saw Grandma Sang was injured by the Five Thunder Method and was about to run away. She immediately had an idea. With a wave of her hand, she cut out the twelve Xuan Dao that had been refined in the past two days! Granny Sang was about to run away when suddenly there was a deep cold behind her. In a hurry, she looked back and saw the sword rolling in. Suddenly her soul flew out of the sky and she shouted in a harsh voice, "How cruel!" As soon as the voice fell, the man was dismembered. Sang Hong'er and Nie Xiaoqian were shocked to see Wang Zhong suddenly kill Grandma Sang. Wang Zhong suddenly stood up, his eyes were full of green light, his mouth was full of magic spells, and he pointed with his hand. Suddenly, in the middle of Grandma Sang's body, a group of flesh and blood of the living soul flew out and wriggled stupidly, and rushed into the sky, tightly wrapped around the light of Chixia's sword. Don't you listen to me? Wang Zhong tone light, sleeve robe a brush, Sang Hong son, Nie Xiaoqian was beaten out of the car, fell on two horses, two women dare not resist, hurriedly go away. Ning Caichen and Li Tianting were about to go after him when Wang Zhong captured the black devil and offered him sacrifice to catch them. Yan Chixia used two instruments to divide the light sword, and was about to break the black evil hand. She saw that Wang Zhong had killed Grandma Sang, and then used Xuanyin Secret Demon to draw out the soul of life and bring up the blood and flesh that had not yet dissipated to resist the Chixia sword. The cruelty of the means and the cruelty of the intention were unsurpassed in the world. The flesh and blood is the soul of Grandma Sang, which is driven by Wang Zhong's demon method. It is the most entangled. It seems that the green fly chases the blood and clings to the light of the sword. The soul has pure Yang Qi. It is not afraid of the true strength of the sword. It is not easy to wear down and break it. Just when the fight was fierce and soul-stirring, the sound of hooves sounded again in the distance, and it turned out that the White Lotus Sect reinforcements had arrived! www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 54 muskets (part two). Boom! The carriage cracked open and dark clouds rolled in. Wang Zhong stepped out, dressed in a black linen robe and a black cloak. He covered his face from the head down. No one could see his true face clearly. The only thing he could see was that in the middle of the door covered by the cloak, there were two eyes that seemed to flash like phosphorus fire. They were green and dark. When people looked at them, they felt a chill in their hearts. Wang Zhongben hid in the car and only used magic to fight. Suddenly, he heard the sound of another horse's hooves. He was expected to be an enemy rather than a friend. He was surrounded, so he broke the door and rushed out. In my ears, I clearly heard the sound of hooves from far to near, and there were many horses, no less than ten. This Chixia Sword can take a person's head a hundred miles away. Although the true body of my celestial demon has disappeared, it is still the essence of the body after all. It is not as good as the primordial spirit to gather and disperse. It's really hard to resist the assassination of the flying sword. Now the other side's reinforcements are coming. If it's an ordinary person, it can be an enemy. If it's a master again, it's troublesome. It's still shallow and low skill. It's not difficult to blow up the flying sword with the true strength of the sun. In the heart one side calculates, one side mouth recites the demon door incantation, both hands empty grasp, on the arm gushes out the big black evil spirit, thick and sticky, which also mixes with a little dark red spark. The black evil spirit in the body, the earth evil spirit gang fire all released, Wang Zhong in the body essence yuan originally consumed an empty, now lost the support, see is gradually withered and shriveled down, just hidden in the black robe, others can not see. Although the physical body changes, it has no effect on his actions, but because of the full display,rapid sand filters, the power of magic is even greater. I saw the big hand of the cattail leaf fan captured by the black evil spirit, forcing Ning Caichen and Li Tianting only to parry, but not to fight back. khnwatertreatment.com

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