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    After a while, a head suddenly poked out of the lush branches and leaves in the shade, and the proud expression on his face looked vivid and familiar. The boy folded his arms, raised his eyebrows and sneered at the man who was still standing under the tree. "Fool, are you afraid to come so late this time?"? See if you dare next time, hum! "You..?" Leylott? Although he had grown up a lot more than the teenager in his impression, and his delicate face had become a little strange because of its charm and aggressiveness, Chester recognized at a glance that it was the Lailot he had always been thinking about. Mingming was still thinking about some dark things before, but the next moment Lailot suddenly appeared in front of him, and with such a familiar and intimate tone, Chester did not know what it was like in his heart, and his eyes murmured unconsciously in a complex way. You, you, you, you what? The young fox at the end of the moon swaggered to learn his stuttering tone and said aggressively, "I've been waiting for you for so long, but you're here at this time. Are you impatient to live?" Chester opened his mouth with difficulty and asked dryly, "You …" Have you forgotten me? Jun Moyu looked at him in surprise, and his dreamy and clear purple eyes were full of strangeness. "What's wrong with your brain?"? You're not stupid,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, are you? "You have grown up, Lylot." There were countless things he wanted to say. Chester moved his fingers, but in the end he just raised his lips with difficulty. You haven't seen me for a long time. It would be strange if you didn't grow up. Even if the young man with a charming face rolled his eyes, he was very beautiful. He sneered and said, "You can't even recognize me, can you?" Before the man could retort, his face suddenly changed again,High Speed Nail Making Machine, showing him two sharp little tiger teeth dangerously. "I tell you, Chester, if you dare to say that, you will die!" "Call me again." Without the roar of being angry to explode in situ in the past, Jun Moyu was still a little unaccustomed to it. "What?" Chester looked very calm. "Say, say my name again." " “…… Chester? Chester exhaled deeply, his black eyes flickered slightly, and the light of the water appeared faintly, and soon disappeared again. "No." Hallucinations. It's not a hallucination, is it? That's the real Leylott, who swaggers "Chester" and likes to play tricks on him. …… It looks better. Looking at the boy's blank face, he smiled slightly, and his cold and ferocious face looked very soft at this time. "I just said that you have become more beautiful, Coil nail machine ,Nail production machine, so I was a little stunned.". How could I not recognize you when Lailot is so beautiful? Face control of his appearance has always been confident of the young fox, can not help but show a satisfied smile, a pair of water light appears very attractive fox eyes also curved into a crescent shape. Finally filled with a sense of reality, Chester settled down and asked aloud, "What are you doing here?" "I'm supposed to be here, waiting for Ingrid to check the results." Although the tutor had already leaked that she had passed the first round of the exam, the results of the second round were announced later, so Ingrid dragged Jun Moyu over again and checked it. At the mention of the name Ingrid, however, Chester's face darkened as his lips curved slightly. You have a good relationship with her? Jun Moyu raised his eyebrows and replied casually, "It's all right. After all, I saw her as soon as I opened my eyes. Thanks to her, I was able to come back here." Chester was silent for a moment, watching him carefully, and found that the boy's face was calm and there seemed to be nothing else, but he softened his expression helplessly. As long as Lylott didn't have a crush on Ingrid, he.. And I really want to thank her. However, looking at his reluctant expression, Jun Moyu could not help complaining in disgust, "What is your expression?"? It's so ugly. Chester shook his head and looked up at him softly with dark eyes. "As long as you are well and safe to come back to me.". ” It is rare for a man who has always been cold and irascible to say such emotional words. His dark starry eyes are flowing with gentle waves like water, unexpectedly gentle and drowning. The boy was slightly stunned, and somehow, his ears were so hot that he pinched his earlobe, stared at the man who was still smiling, and turned his head awkwardly. Why do you suddenly stop talking? Did the cat get its tongue? Unexpectedly, the teenager reacted like this. Chester frowned and asked with some confusion. Ben also looked excitedly at little Ley's system 1212, and when he heard his master's straightforward question, he could not help looking at him subtly. Even he knows what his master's feelings for little Ley are, and why he himself is still. Why is EQ so low? Tut. The system 1212 thought with rare disgust. Lailot blushed at the question, turned his head back angrily, stared at him fiercely, and demonstrated two dangerous fangs. "Did you bite again?" Although I don't know why, but seeing the little moon-tailed fox is going to explode again-although I know that the teenager can't bite himself in the tree this time, the desire to survive is instinctive, Chester still subconsciously raises his hands to surrender, with a helpless and compromising smile on his face. However, before that, although it was not obvious but had been tense in the heart, it became relaxed because of the laughter. Only then did the young fox at the end of the moon smile with satisfaction. Then he sat on the trunk and looked at him eagerly. He ordered willfully and proudly, "I'm going to jump down. You should get out of my way quickly. It's not my fault to overwhelm you." However, before the man could answer, the boy jumped down from the tree. The figure,Nail machine supplier, like a butterfly, looked elegant and beautiful in midair. Chester's heart suddenly tightened. He hurried forward with three steps and two steps. He opened his arms and clasped the little bastard who was always not reassuring in his arms. At the moment of catching him, Chester felt that he had caught the whole world. 3shardware.com