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Mobile App development guide for online food delivery business

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    The food delivery business is one of the most prominently growing markets where online orders and food home delivery are taking place. Mobile application development is the best way to launch a food business online, and a mobile application development company plays a vital role. There are four ways to design and develop a mobile app:-

    • Apps for Native Mobile Devices
    • Cross-Platform Apps for Native Mobile Devices
    • Mobile Hybrid Applications
    • Advanced Web Applications

    Each of these methods for creating mobile applications has a unique mix of benefits and drawbacks. Developers take into account the desired user experience, the computing resources and native features needed by the app, the development budget, time targets, and resources available for app maintenance when deciding on the best development approach for a project.

    Step-by-step guide for food-based mobile app development

    1. Pen-down the requirement

    The very initial step before starting app development is to identify the requirements. A food app can be a Table Booking app or a food home delivery app

    1. App requirement 

    Android and iOS are two types of platforms that are in trend. Both platforms are distinct from each other, and where iOS provides a highly secured ecosystem, Android offers a user-friendly environment. 

    Both platforms use native applications, which can not be used interchangeably on both platforms. So as per the market trend of Android and iOS, both android app and iOS app developers have to design cross-platform applications that can run over both platforms.

    1. Sub-application structure

    A food ordering app consists of restaurant/hotel lists, logistics applications, an admin panel and a customer viewpoint. To make an impressive and proficient food ordering app, developers have to work on each and every phase of a mobile food app as mentioned below:-

    Log-in credentials

    It facilitates customers to create accounts on their mobile and place orders from there. 

    Restaurant Search

    This option facilitates customers to find the right hotel or restaurant as per their choice.

    Table booking/Food selection

    This step allows customers to book a table for dinners or, if the requirement is to deliver food at home, a selection of food items.


    Logistics facilitates customers to get the order at home without any problem. Customers can track their orders' live location through an installed delivery tracker in the app.    

    Payment gateway

    This is one of the essential features of online shopping websites, enabling the end-user to pay for their order in cash or advance through various digital payment modes. 

    Push Notification

    Push notifications to remind users about various delivery statuses, such as accepted, on the way, arrived, and so forth.


    1. Application development

    After finalising all the requirements and insight structure of the app development process takes place. Application development is a backend process which requires insightful knowledge and skill in programming languages like Java, Rust, Kotlin, react native framework, and knowledge of plugins and libraries. Mobile app developers inculcate their problem-solving skills, experience, and knowledge of app development.

    1. Testing and deployment

    This is the last but essential step, which makes an app error-free and then deploys the source code on a compatible OS.

    Since smartphones are inseparable devices for everyone, mobile apps are trending to target audiences and drive a push for businesses to grow. Hence it is beneficial to hire dedicated mobile developers who are engaged in android and iOS app development. 

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