Profacgen Introduced Trimeric Protein Production Service for Pr

  • With years of experience in providing quality contract research services, Profacgen has accumulated experience in virtually all aspects of protein development and protein production. Now, scientists have access to Profacgen’s recently released Trimeric Protein Production Service, generating new insights into the assembly and maturation of trimers that will have implications for the design of effective vaccines.


    The current major tumor necrosis factor (TNF) bioblockers are structurally dimeric, while certain TNF families themselves are homotrimeric in nature. From a structural biology point of view, homodimeric structures with two-fold symmetry do not dock perfectly with homotrimeric structures with three-fold symmetry, thus limiting the affinity between the two molecules.


    Protein trimerization platforms can make secreted proteins into covalently linked homotrimers with higher affinity for disease-causing targets, such as the TNF family of cytokines (TNFRII, TRAIL, etc.), HIV gp120/gp41, HA, DR4, DR5 influenza, sCD4 and ApoAI. All of these constructs have been made and are being developed as biopharmaceuticals against autoimmune diseases, cancer, AIDS, osteoporosis and heart disease.


    Backed by a team of protein biologists with extensive experience in protein expression, Profacgen provides novel trimeric protein production services by designing and expressing proteins in disulfide bond-linked homo-trimeric forms. Profacgen has successfully and significantly improved the expression level of recombinant trimeric fusion proteins and optimized purification protocols, which can rapidly progress from the preclinical stage to the bed of thousands of patients. The company’s protein trimerization technique establishes a widely applicable system for the production and characterization of trimeric proteins.


    Features of protein trimerization:

    • Naturally secreted trimer
    • Disulfide bond-linked
    • Mammalian expression system
    • High purity
    • Structurally stable


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