How to design logo in PowerPoint by Design Experts

  • Are you considering launching your own startup business? We hope you have decided on the right timing and have planned your budget. Well next is to design the logo? The logo clearly defines your business personality and goals. It’s one of the important steps in a startup process. Take your own time in designing the logo

    “A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies. A logo derives its meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not another way around. A logo is less important than the product it signifies; what it means is more important than what it looks like”, by Paul Rand, who was an American art director and graphic designer, best known for his designs for corporate logos, including IBM, NeXT, UPS, etc.

    We, PowerPoint Design experts, help you to design your brand logo. Usually, we design logos in Adobe Illustrator. But in this blog, we, the Design experts are going to help you make your own logo designs in PowerPoint. We can see the raised eyebrows. Though there are some limitations, still, we can create our own logos. Let’s see how to design logos in PowerPoint like Design Experts in details

    So, let us consider that yours is a food-related company. Let’s proceed with the steps

    1)Define the identity of your company:

    Think of why you start a startup business of your own. Then what do you promise your customers? What is the unique thing in your company that attracts the customers towards you when competing with others? How will you describe your company in three words? If you answer these questions, you are done with the first step in designing the logo. In the example we have taken, ours is a food-related company. The one thing which attracts the customer towards you is “fresh and natural”. So go with the theme.

    2) Brainstorm for the inspiration of your logo:

    Involve everyone you know to get “fresh” unique design ideas. Indulge yourself in it to think as deeply as you can. Think of the customers’ shoes. Empathy works really very well here. So, if you are a customer, what will you look for from the food company. Think out of the box to get ideas. “Fresh” is determined by fresh leaves. So choose the one which more related to your company out of thousands and thousands of options. Download SVG type.

    3) Adding shapes to your logo:

    Just leaves alone cannot be used to represent your brand. We can add shapes or letters to the leaves. Look around your competitor logos to get to know how to use the shapes and we should not imitate those which we should keep in our mind. So choose the shapes wisely. Let’s say we are adding a rhombus. Now think of a design in which the shape and the leaves go well with each other. In our case, we are placing the leaves in the top of the rhombus. Always keep in mind, the logo should be clean and clear, mainly simple

    4) Placement of the brand name:

    It’s just you to decide whether to place the name of the brand in the logo or not. So if you decide to put your brand name, you can choose either to place the whole name or a letter. In this case, am just going to place “Nature”. So next is to decide where to place the letters. Placement of the brand name places an important role when decided to be used. In this case, we are going to place it in the middle of the rhombus so that the right and left edges are made invisible. This also indirectly represents that there are no boundaries for us to deliver fresh and natural food to you.

    5) Finalize the colors:

    The colors you choose should represent your brand. Each color has its own representation. For example, in our case, fresh and natural will always go with green. If we take coffee, brown is the appropriate color to be used. So take an ample amount of time and give colors, that’s the life to your logo. Here, for rhombus am going to give grey, just to play subtle, leaves in dark and light shades of green and the brand name “Nature” will be in brown to represent the soil.

    See, now you designed a logo of your own startup by yourself. Always keep in mind not to give more priority to the logo. Even simple logos stand unique. So choose your logos wisely more importantly to represent your brand

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