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BEE Learnerships: An Essential Tool for Businesses to Increase

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    The South African government has implemented Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policies to promote economic transformation and inclusion of historically disadvantaged groups in the country. One of the key components of B-BBEE compliance is skills development. This is where BEE learnerships come into play. In this article, we will explore what B-BBEE learnerships are, how they benefit businesses, and how they can help increase B-BBEE scores.

    How Does BEE Learnerships Work?

    B-BBEE learnerships work by providing individuals with practical, on-the-job experience in a specific industry or sector. Learnerships are typically structured around a specific set of competencies or skills that individuals need to master to be successful in a particular job or career. This on-the-job experience is combined with formal training and education, which is usually provided by a training provider or educational institution.

    Learnerships are structured around a specific set of learning outcomes, which are aligned with the requirements of the industry or sector in which the learnership is being offered. The learning outcomes are designed to be relevant and practical and are intended to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

    Why Are B-BBEE Learnerships a Powerful Tool for Business Growth and B-BBEE Compliance?

    For several reasons, learnerships are a powerful tool for business growth and BBBEE compliance. Firstly, they provide businesses with a pipeline of skilled, competent, and motivated individuals who are ready to enter the workforce. This can help businesses to address succession planning, and skills shortages, increase productivity, and drive growth.

    Secondly, learnerships are an effective way for businesses to earn points towards their B-BBEE scorecard. Learnerships are part of the Skills development Scorecard which is recognised as a priority element, and businesses can earn points for investing in learnerships for Black people, Coloured people, and Indians. Businesses can earn bonus points for providing learnerships to disabled individuals and unemployed people.

    Third,  learnerships are an important way for businesses to contribute to economic transformation and inclusion in South Africa. By providing opportunities for historically disadvantaged individuals, businesses can help to address some of the structural inequalities that exist in the country. This can lead to improved social and economic outcomes for historically disadvantaged individuals and the broader society.

    How Can Businesses Implement B-BBEE Learnerships?

    Implementing B-BBEE learnerships requires careful planning and execution. Businesses should consider the following steps to implement B-BBEE learnerships effectively:

    1. Identify Learnership Needs: The first step in implementing learnerships is to identify the skills and competencies that are needed in the business. This should be done through a skills audit or gap analysis.
    2. Choose a Learnership Program: Once the learnership needs have been identified, businesses should choose a learnership program that is aligned with the needs of the business.
    3. Choose a Training Provider: Businesses should choose a training provider or educational institution to provide the formal training and education component of the learnership.
    4. Recruit Learners: Businesses should recruit learners who meet the entry requirements for the learnership. These requirements may include ... educational qualifications, work experience, and personal attributes such as motivation and willingness to learn.
    5. Implement the Learnership: The learnership should be implemented according to the requirements of the chosen program and the guidelines set out by the relevant sector education and training authority (SETA).
    6. Monitor and Evaluate: The learnership should be monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure that it meets the desired learning outcomes and contributes to the business's growth.


    B-BBEE learnerships are a powerful tool for business growth and B-BBEE compliance. They provide businesses with a pipeline of skilled and motivated individuals while contributing to economic transformation and inclusion in South Africa.

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