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How Can You Expect BBBEE Consultants to Help You?

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    Given our country’s current political climate, there are countless individuals who are still struggling to make a comfortable living for themselves since the collapse of the Apartheid regime in 1994. In fact, despite this collapse, its grip on our local society can still be felt to this day, which is why government officials are now pushing their new broad-based black economic empowerment policies.

    Otherwise known as B-BBEE, this is a policy that aims to push back on the inequalities and the oppression that was so heartlessly dished out during the darker periods of our country’s history. This policy aims to do so by empowering and thus cementing the participation of black individuals within our local economy. However, this process affects countless businesses that choose to participate in this endeavour but can be frustrating and confusing to understand and pursue without the right BBBEE consultants by your side.

    BBBEE consultants can play a huge role in the success of any business that does not fully understand the rules and regulations that are involved with this policy. As it stands, businesses that are not compliant with this policy run the risk of experiencing a number of disadvantages that can negatively affect the success that would otherwise be incredibly easy to achieve and sustain. However, what is it exactly that BBBEE consultants can help you out with?

    Well firstly, as BBBEE consultants are currently positioned in the very centre of the BEE arena, they play the role of providing professional advice to small, medium as well as large businesses in a variety of sectors. This advice is given in hopes of guiding such businesses through the BEE transformation process.

    Because of this, BBBEE consultants remain an active part in the assistance of businesses regarding BEE queries, the preparation of their BEE verification, the process thereof, and so on. Amongst all of this, you can still expect them to help your business collect evidence, provide advice on meeting target requirements, help you calculate current, future and proposed claims, as well as help you determine the impact that can be felt on your level of BEE compliance. This is all just for starters. After all this, BBBEE consultants will still assist you in regard to helping you achieve and sustain your desired level of compliance with BBBEE policies.

    Such a role is often greatly confused with that of a BEE verification analyst, someone who will rather handle the verification process from independent and impartial perspectives. This will be done by assessing any preparations that have been done by the previously mentioned BBBEE consultant, without advising them.

    As you may now be able to tell, there are plenty of things that go into becoming compliant with BEE, which makes it evident as to why reaching out to BBBEE consultants has become so incredibly popular, and even necessary, in more recent years. So, consider turning to BBBEE consultants that can provide you with the help you need today!

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