Installation Details Of 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

  • What details do you need to pay attention to when installing 100w outdoor slim led floodlight?

    1. the longitudinal centerline of the 100w outdoor slim led floodlight device and the longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm shall be consistent.  The horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel to the ground.  After tightening, the visual inspection shall be free of inclination.
    2. The installation height, elevation angle and lamp direction between adjacent street lamps shall be consistent.
    3. The connection between lamp holder and lamp post must be strictly regulated.

    4, all kinds of nut fastening, should add washer and spring pad.  After tightening, the spacing of nuts shall not be less than two.

    1. 100w outdoor slim led floodlight arm, light board and light pole shall not have joints. Perforation or pipe orifice shall be smooth and free of burrs. Insulated casing or bandage shall be used. The length of bandage shall not be less than 200 mm.

    These are the details of the installation of street lamps introduced by the Xianguilight Led Street Light Factory. If you are interested in street lamp products and want to buy such products, please leave us a message and we will provide you with comprehensive solutions and services.