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20 Trailblazers Leading the Way in Santa Ana Car Accident Lawye

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    Nearly everyone is driving in today's day and age and with more automobiles on the road there are naturally more collisions. The risk of serious injury or death in this sort of situation is incredibly high because there is so much speed combined with broken glass and twisted metal that the risk for damage to one's person is significant. For those who have suffered the unpleasant experience of colliding with another vehicle, regardless of whose fault it was, it is necessary to retain the services of a qualified car accident attorney.

    The cost of replacing or repairing an automobile after a collision is often in the several thousands of dollars. If you were hit by another person, even if they did not do anything negligent, you need the help of a car accident attorney to be assured that insurance and the other driver offer complete compensation for the damage and for any bills you may have accrued. With a lawyer it is even possible to gain compensation for lost wages and future lost income in addition to pain and suffering remuneration.

    This last part is where most people end up suffering the most from the consequences of a collision. Insurance will often pay for the vehicle and the medical bills but it is the loss of wages that ends up causing the most problems. That is because in some instances after an injury there is significant recovery time during which a person may be incapable of performing the functions of their job. In fact, for many people it becomes impossible to return to the field in which they were once employed and that means they have to take a position in another industry, possibly at a lower wage. If this happens a good car accident attorney can often fight to get the responsible party to pay the difference or pay for a person's disability.

    The best time to retain a car accident attorney is immediately after the incident. Of course, one should go to the hospital and be examined and treated first but then the sooner that representation is secured the better. These lawyers will know what sort of documentation needs to happen to ensure that all medical bills are paid and they also know that it is necessary to do some research and compile a strong case to support the injured parties story of events. They know that the way one wins sufficient money and restitution is by having plenty of facts that support their case and their claim to serious injury.

    Without a car accident attorney it is possible that a victim may not receive sufficient repayment for their bills and their damage. It is also likely that at the insurance company and the responsible party will negotiate out of paying for lost wages. In order to avoid this it is always best to consult with a lawyer and see what can be done to ensure one's rights are protected.

    Many modern cars come with new safety features. These safety features make driving easier and much safer. Here are the top 10 safety features you should have in your car.

    1. Electronic Stability Control

    Electronic Stability control helps drivers maintain control. It compares steering and braking inputs with the car's lateral acceleration, individual wheel speeds, and rotation. The brake is automatically applied to help balance the vehicle. This safety feature is important for reducing skidding. All new 2012 models are required to be equipped with this safety feature.

    2. GPS System

    Navigation systems make traveling more efficient and safer. Drivers no longer have to struggle with looking at a map while driving. The GPS will direct the driver turn by turn and will reroute if necessary.

    3. Rearview Cameras

    Rearview cameras make backing up and parking much easier. The vehicle issues a warning if there are any obstacles in the way. Certain vehicles have the whole rearview camera feed displayed on the dashboard. There are also cars now that have blind spot detection. These safety features make merging, parking, and driving much safer.

    4. Tire pressure monitor

    Since 2008, all new vehicles include a tire-pressure monitoring system. This system uses sensors to provide the driver with information on tire inflation. This prevents tires from underinflated. Underinflated tires are the main cause of tire blowouts.

    5. Hands Free/blue tooth

    Mobile use while driving is incredibly distracting and dangerous. Many new cars now include blue tooth hands-free systems. This system allows you to call and talk on the phone while still focusing on the road. You can use voice commands to make and answer calls.

    6. Voice activation

    There are many distractions while driving. Changing a radio station or the temperature of the car is not only distracting but potentially dangerous. Many vehicles now have voice activation. The driver can use voice activation to enter destinations into a navigation system, change the radio, and more. Voice activation allows the driver to control the car without lifting a hand from the wheel.

    7. Rollover protection

    Many new cars have rollover protection. Different cars offer different rollover protection. Some cars include additional airbags. Certain cars have external rollover protection structures that lessen the force of the rollover.

    8. Airbags

    Airbags have evolved and improved over time. Currently, many vehicles offer multiple airbags. Dual stage airbags are required in all passenger cars and light trucks made after September 2006. Side airbags are also very important. These airbags greatly reduce injuries. All airbags are incredibly important for protecting the driver and passengers.

    9. Brake assist

    Brake assist technology is very important in emergency situations. Sensors detect can detect panic braking. When the sensors sense this type of braking, brake assist applies a brake boost. This will make the car brake faster.

    10. Adaptive headlights

    This is a feature found in mostly luxury cars, but it will probably trickle down into more affordable mainstream cars. This technology adjusts headlights to the direction that the Santa Ana Car Accident Lawyer steering wheel is turned. It illuminates the way more efficiently for drivers trying to change lanes or turn.

    These safety features make driving much safer and easier. If you are shopping for a new vehicle, you should include adding these feature if the car does not already have them. These features can help prevent car accidents.

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