• Are you on a diet, looking for the best gluten free restaurants near you? Haswell greens is one sensational watering hole in Times Square to go check out. With a huge focus on unique and innovative delicacies, Haswell greens restaurant offers nothing but tasty gluten free delicacies as well as some of the best vegan inspired meals, the menu offers you delicious cuisines such as the tasty sliders, vegan salads, avocado smash as well as other delicious cuisines. Asides the delicious dishes, Haswell greens also offers delicious signature craft cocktails as well as a tasty craft beer selection, you can grab tasty cocktails like the curtain call, bourbon and other cocktails alongside your delicious cuisine.

    The Haswell greens watering hole also offers you the best live music brunch in midtown, they offer you some of the best delicacies on the menu which comprises popular choices such as the Mac and cheese, wood fire pizza and other delicious selections on the menu. When it comes to the entertaining live music in times squares, the Haswell greens bar provides you with an entertaining live music session that features some of the most celebrated music artistes in times squares. You will also get the chance to enjoy a music genre that suits you whether it is jazz music or hip hop, there is always enjoy the entertaining live music in midtown.

    Asides the fact that Haswell greens food menu caters to the needs of a vegan Times Square, they also provide you with some of the best delicacies in midtown, they offer you delicious wood fire pizza, the delicious Mac and Cheese, avocado Smash and other tasty dishes. While you can enjoy the tasty brunch in midtown, the Haswell greens bar also provides you with tasty late night food options in Times Square, you can enjoy some of the tastiest delicacies on the menu while you get the chance to explore the best craft beer.

    Haswell greens bar also provides you with functional corporate spaces for your favorite events, do you have plans for hosting a special event in midtown? The Haswell greens bar provides you with spacious bars and a lively setting that is perfect for your event, they offer you some of the best spaces that will make for a memorable event.

    Haswell greens bar is one of the best vegetarian restaurants near me. In case you are looking to come over to this restaurant for a delicious vegan brunch you should check out Broadway, Times square for this fascinating beer hall.