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    Asthma is a significant public health burden with 5.4 million people in the UK currently receiving treatment for the condition. Exercise induced bronchoconstriction (EIB) is a term used to describe an acute asthmatic episode following exercise and is highly prevalent amongst asthma sufferers. Traditional treatment involves the use of pharmacological interventions, the long term use of which can have significant side effects and reduced efficacy in athletic populations.

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    Oh, I totally, completely agree. But by the time you multiply those tiny profits per unit by the potential growth of China, there's a lot of potential. North America is GM's most profitable region, but compare the $20 GM makes on selling a Wuling microvan thing to all the money they're losing in Germany. And I'll take their Chinese investments every day of the week, especially since it's done with very tiny engineering and administrative overhead. Seriously, people look down on these joint ventures, but there's not a ton of technology transfer like people talk about, and it's a good way to make extra cash.

    When your iBook G4 loses faith in the idea that it has DVD drive, complaining of an error [ 70012] when you stick a DVD in; when even firmware prompt commands like "eject" won't pop it out; when you realize that for purposes of style you have been deprived of a manual eject pinhole; in such straits, friends, is there any hope of freeing your Digital Versatile Disc of "Spiderman" from the drive?

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