For Path of Exile, the release time of Diablo IV is very import

  • At BlizzCon last week, Blizzard announced that Diablo IV is still one of the most conservative secrets in the industry, but we can indeed get some new news from the scene, and this news will have a profound impact on its biggest competitor Path of Exile.

    For the developer Grinding Gear Games, the release of Diablo IV is its long-held expectation, but Blizzard’s latest schedule seems to have a significant deviation from the expected time of Grinding Gear Games, and Grinding Gear Games current preparations are In 2020, there is a positive competition with Diablo IV, but it seems that Blizzard does not intend to release Diablo IV in 2020. Blizzard still insists that Diablo IV is still in the early stages of development.

    Next month, at the emerging conference ExileCon on the Path of Exile, the Path of Exile will release a preview version of 4.0, and the release time is expected to be released later in 2020. The 4.0 version is significant for the Path of Exile, Because his schedule and design are designed to compete positively with Diablo IV, so improvements in the definitions and enhancements of the game in one column were made, as well as changes in various aspects such as POE Items and loot. Since Diablo IV will be released later than Path of Exile 4.0, we have reason to believe that Blizzard will have enough time to get enough inspiration from Path of Exile 4.0. The Path of Exile is released every two years. It may be a confrontation with Diablo IV in version 5.0 in 2022, and actively responding to upcoming competitors is critical to their survival.

    Diablo IV fans, Diablo IV can extract a lot of things from Path of Exile 4.0, which is good news, and if the actual results do not meet expectations, then this is undoubtedly very disappointing. Read more about the Path of Exile, you can visit:, and you can also Buy POE Currency PS4 on our website, which is high quality and affordable.