Using The Characteristics Of BOPP Labels Itself


    When direct glazing cannot reach the required brightness, supercalendering is a good method. Super calendering and laser imprint transfer adopt the same principle, i.e. using the flatness of BOPP labels itself and its low surface energy characteristics, the printed gloss oil is compounded with BOPP labels by using a cold ironing device, then cured, and then the BOPP labels is rewound and collected by using the winding system of the cold ironing device for next reuse.

    Since the surface energy of the BOPP labels is only 32 dynes, varnish cannot be attached to BOPP labels at all. However, as it is compounded with the flat BOPP labels and cured with a UV lamp, the cured gloss oil surface is as flat and glossy as the BOPP labels.

    The precautions of BOPP supercalender are similar to those of cold ironing. However, since the BOPP labels are made of transparent material, the front and back sides need to be marked correctly to prevent the wrong side from being used. In general, one side of the BOPP labels will be corona treated to be suitable for compounding, but this side is not suitable for supercalendering. In addition, neat winding is an essential prerequisite for BOPP labels to be reused. When BOPP labels can be reused, the cost of supercalendered can be minimized.

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