The Cup Seal Labels Mark The Food Name According To The Basic A


    The cup seal labels not only serves as the identity card function of food but also meets the requirements of environmental protection, sanitation and the like. In addition, for some high-grade commodities, the cup seal labels also have the corresponding anti-counterfeiting function. According to the basic contents of food label paper (food name, ingredients, net content and solid weight, factory name and address, production date, shelf life or storage period, storage and eating methods, etc.).

    In addition, the cup seal labels are required to have anti-grease performance, and the label should be kept sufficiently sticky on cold and humid surfaces and those requiring deep freezing and cold storage.

    When designing the contents of the cup seal labels, the following points should be paid attention to:

    1. The name of the food must be accurate and scientific. Production enterprises should label food names according to the basic attributes of food and strengthen the authenticity of the contents of food label paper. Try to avoid the use of unconventional or even brand-new names to mislead consumers.

    2. Commodity names must use the same font size. It is forbidden to confuse the real attributes of food with the product name on the cup seal labels and deceive consumers.

    3. Production and distribution information should be disclosed. In order to ensure traceability, the details of food production enterprises must be reflected on the label. The name and detailed address of the production, packaging, sub-packaging or distribution unit must be marked. For large packaged finished products imported from abroad and repackaged at home, the name and address of the unit repackaged at home shall be indicated, and the name of the country of origin shall also be indicated.

    4. Marked content should be conspicuous and ingredients should be clear. The height of words and numbers that must be marked on the label should not be less than 1.8mm; The net content and the name of the food must be marked on the same display surface of the package or packaging container; And is convenient for consumers to read. In addition, sweeteners, preservatives and colourants added to food must be labeled with specific names;

    5. The name and detailed address of the production enterprise must be indicated to ensure traceability. The detailed address of the food production enterprise must be reflected on the label, and the name of the factory cannot be simply written.

    6 standard number shall not be arbitrarily false domestic prepackaged foods label paper must be marked to implement the standard code;

    7. The production date cannot be ambiguous. The production date is the date when the finished products produced by the producer pass the factory inspection.

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