The number of subscriptions to WoW

  • While WoW Classic addons may not be something you'd associate with the original World of Warcraft, many authors of the currently popular WoW Classic addons have been hard at work to make sure their creations are compatible with WoW Classic. The number of subscriptions to WoW (which is no longer software that you buy and download, but a service giving you access to all the versions) jumped 200 percent in the month leading up to the release of Classic, which shouldn't come as a shock.

    Since WoW launched in 2004 a network of illicit fan-run “private servers” has kept older versions of the game running, the largest of which, Nostalrius, hosted over 150,000 players before Blizzard shut it down in 2016. Almost all Classic's servers were full on launch night, with WOW Classic Gold queues of tens of thousands of players trying to log in.

    And even days after release, when Blizzard introduced additional servers, in-game players were still waiting in lines for the better part of an hour to kill specific enemies. Classic saw more players waiting to play WoW than actually playing it.

    There were dozens upon dozens of nights where I, as a young unemployed man, stayed up until the sun rose while playing World of Warcraft. I jumped into the game Buy WOW Classic Gold during The Burning Crusade and played with dedication until some point during Wrath of Lich King. Something about the game I fell for had changed, or perhaps something about me had changed, and it no longer fit into my life. I left World of Warcraft behind, prepared to never look back. Then, many years later, Blizzard announced World of Warcraft Classic.