Why You Need an RV Leveling System

  • Owning an RV means owning many accessories necessary to proper the maintenance and use of your RV. Without them, it could result in damage to your RV or some very messy accidents.

    One of the most important things to master after purchasing your RV is knowing how to properly level the vehicle. When stationing in campgrounds, you need to level the RV to keep it stationary and parallel to the ground.

    If improperly leveled, your RV could sit off-kilter, meaning it’s leaning more to one side than the other, making your RV rock when moving around the inside. An RV that isn’t leveled also means all your appliances are not level, which could cause issues.

    To ensure your RV is properly leveled, you need to purchase an RV leveling system. A leveling system comes with many different parts that all serve a different, yet equally important, purpose.

    There are different types of RVs, and some require different parts. If you have a travel trailer RV, you are going to need the following items:
    ●A bubble level
    ●Wheel Chocks
    ●Leveling jacks

    As you are setting up camp and have parked the motorhome in the appropriate spot, use the bubble level to check the current level of your RV. If the vehicle is unlevel, pull the RV onto the blocks on whichever side needs leveling and keep adjusting or adding additional blocks until you feel the RV is as level as possible.

    The most important component to leveling a towable RV is using the wheel chocks. Unlike a motorized RV, these trailers do not have their own parking breaks. Wheel chocks are necessary to set the wheels in place so your RV doesn’t go rolling into the woods.

    Now, here’s how to level a motorhome by simply using two components.
    ●Bubble level

    This is a bit easier to level considering the motorhome is all one vehicle, so you can park it in whichever spot you want and go from there. By using the bubble level on a flat surface like a counter, you can get a good sense of how even the vehicle already is. Place the blocks on the front or back wheels, depending on which side is less level.

    You can also find leveling systems with all the necessary tools needed to properly level an RV.

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