Why You Need an RV Dehumidifier

  • Motorhomes, campers, and RVs all require certain additions and accessories to properly use these vehicles. Without them, you might not be able to safely park your RV at a campsite.

    There are a few issues that arise while utilizing and living in your RV that can be easily attended to with a few simple appliances or tools. Certain issues that commonly occur are bathroom and sewage-related and others are related to the humidity.

    It’s very common to drive and camp your RV in an extremely humid environment. Especially during the summer months, you will most likely be at least driving through or setting up camp in a humid climate, it’s pretty unavoidable. This can potentially cause issues of humidity inside your RV, which is not fun for anyone.

    Prevent Humidity in Your RV
    Before you invest in a dehumidifier, it’s important to know all the steps to take to reduce the humidity in your RV before deciding to purchase it. Because an RV has a relatively small interior, humidity tends to build up way faster than in your home or apartment.

    Things like running a heater, taking a shower, or even cooking in the RV can cause humidity. If you are noticing your surfaces becoming wet to the touch, it’s time to start taking preventative measures.

    Such measures include:
    ?Airing it out
    ?Using exhaust fans when showering and cooking
    ?Use moisture absorbers in closets
    ?Use fans frequently

    There are many other ways to prevent humidity when living in your RV. Get creative! If nothing seems to be working, then it’s time to invest in a high-quality dehumidifier.

    Benefits of an RV Dehumidifier
    You know it’s a good time to purchase a dehumidifier when the level of humidity inside your RV is too uncomfortable to handle. You may even want to get your hands on two of them; one specifically for your bathroom and one for your kitchen and living area. Bathrooms cause the most condensation due to showering, so it’s smart to dedicate a small one just for that purpose.

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to measure the moisture in your RV, so also invest in a hygrometer to help monitor the humidity levels. Reducing the amount of water in your RV also aids the prevention of pesky mold and mildew. That is a big issue that is easily avoidable.

    Some great quality dehumidifiers are energy efficient, while also grabbing quarts of water from the air within a few hours. Remember to do your research to find the best dehumidifier for you and the situations of your RV.

    Where to Find a Dehumidifier
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