Considering a Tire Pressure Monitor System?

  • If you’re thinking about getting a tire pressure monitor system (TPMS), keep thinking about it. It’s one of the wisest and most valuable investments you can make as an RV owner. It will improve your safety, peace of mind, and even the handling of your RV.

    We know there are a million and one things you “need” to have as an RV owner, but this really is one of the most important, and with advances in technology, it’s never been easier to get a great unit that will individually monitor the temperature and pressure of your tires while at the same time providing you with real updates.

    If you’re looking for some real insight into how a tire pressure monitor system can benefit you, consider the following items:

    1.They can improve your fuel economy
    Because a TPMS will keep real time information on the tire air pressure and temperatures of your tires, it will ensure that your tires are inflated to the proper pressures given the ambient air temperature and other factors. A result of this is that you can enjoy better fuel economy, as overinflated, and more importantly, underinflated, tires do not afford you the same fuel economy as tires that are properly inflated.

    2.They can improve braking and handling
    Tires that are underinflated don’t just make it harder for your vehicle to maintain a proper fuel economy rating. They also don’t grip the road as they should, which can adversely impact braking and handling. Overinflated tires also don’t allow for the best handling, but in either case, you can prevent lagging, pulling, and delayed stopping times by ensuring that your tires are inflated to the proper pressure levels.

    3.They can extend the life of your tires (at least ensuring even wear and weathering)
    Tires that are not properly inflated, given the environmental conditions surrounding them, also will not wear evenly. This will cause you to lose tire life at an accelerated rate, which will end up costing you money. Keep your tires properly inflated and you can extend their usable lifespans.

    4.They can help you prevent dangerous situations like blowouts
    Most importantly, a TPMS works to ensure that your tires are neither over nor underinflated, and can alert you to pressure drops in real time. In addition to improving fuel economy and handling, this can help you avoid dangers of the road like blowouts. A pressure warning can keep you ahead of an issue so you can address it before it becomes a problem.

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