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  • A fox fur hat may the one you are looking for to help you stay warm and comfortable outdoors. Fur accessories make not only a fashion statement but also very functional. For a formal or a casual event, your old party dress will look completely different with fur hats. These hats can help you if you don't want to be seen at the same party you had last year with the same clothes you also wore last time. You may not have the money or the time to buy a new dress and accessories to go with the dress, but fur hats can adorn your outfit and make it seem to be completely different.

    You'll look stunning in a red dress at a party, and still look great with the red dress and a fur hat at another party. A few dresses can go perfect with the right fox fur-hat, so you have to choose wisely. Here are suggestions.

    A good rule of thumb is to first check your clothes and divide them depending on their colours. Light ones on one side, dark ones on the other side. The light ones are perfect with dark coloured hats or those with print patters. For the dark clothes, lighter hats must be perfect. Fur hats are perfect for you because they accentuate you face. They draw attention to your smile and eyes. They are like picture frames that enhance the looks of anyone wearing them. Custom designs are also available if you want to have your own.

    Men can also find a wide selection of fur hats. These hats for men are relatively smaller and more neutral in colours. They have the same gorgeous effect as for women. Men usually have shorter hair so choosing long hats can cover their entire head. Shorter ones can reveal the nape and the lower hair line.

    Not only are these hats fashionable, they also keep warm. Fur naturally insulates the animal's body and provide for protection. Thus, fur hats are perfect for cold or snowy days.

    Fox fur hats are generally golden brown in colour because fox fur is naturally brown. However, some are bleached and dyed to achieve wide varieties of designs. Fox furs are characteristically soft, thin, and warm. They are easily distinguishable from other furs, like rabbit fur, also called angora wool, which is softer and have shorter fibres.

    Remember that furs are very versatile and delicate. Be responsible in buying your fox fur hat and do a favour for mother earth. Most importantly, don't ever deny that it looks great on you.

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