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How to Identify Your Child’s Primary Learning Style

  • Every child is unique and had a special urge to learn. Knowing how and what your child learns is a powerful tool. Children learn and process information in many ways and also by the School in Howrah. The primary learning pattern can be identified by parents, teachers, and other informed grownups.


    What are the learning styles?

    There are mainly three types of learning styles experts have identified which are mentioned below


    • Visual learning style (Watching)
    • Auditory learning style (Learning)
    • Kinesthetic learning style (Doing)


    Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah (SMIL) is the best CBSE School in Howrah which provides many services and facilities for its students. And there is a special group of teachers who are specialized in identifying their child’s primary learning styles. Let’s understand it one by one.


    1. Visual learning style: - If your child or student is very good at recognizing faces, people, and places, while showing a keen interest in art and crafts, they have a visually strong memory and learning system. By observing them closely, we can see that those children can virtually grasp things much faster than other means by browsing computers, mobiles, illustrations in books, and paintings.
    2. Auditory learning style: - It means learning through listening. If your kids have a penchant for words and prefer reading aloud to scanning through eyes, then it’s their style. The auditory learner use tools to learn and retain information in the best possible way. Such learners are good learners and they like to listen to rhymes and recorded stories and often show an aptitude for music. Auditory learners have a sharp ear – they show a tendency to remember difficult dialogues easily and can repeat words or phrases they have heard recently which might be difficult for other children their age. They have a keen interest in learning new languages and are attracted to the sound of those languages. They tend to make small rhymes to learn an answer better and often read out loud while learning or writing. This is exactly why knowing How to Identify Primary Learning Styles in Children will certainly help determine your child’s learning style.
    3. Kinesthetic learning style: - Kinesthetic learners use physical methods to grasp or acquire a particular piece of information. They have a strong sense of stability making them naturally curious learners. They learn by touching and feeling and teachers of CBSE School in the Howrah district help them to do so. These learners often have sharp hand-eye coordination and naturally are great at physical activities such as sports and dancing.


    How to ascertain which learning styles best suit a child


    To make it easier, you may follow this quick test to find your kid’s pattern of receiving instructions and learning


    Step 1: choose some random words and list them out neatly in three sets – each of ten words. Against each word write down their meanings.

    Step 2: On the first day, ask your student to write the first 10 words, let them listen as much as possible. At the end of the day, take a test and find out how many words they can recollect.

    Step 3:- similarly ask them to learn the next set of 10 words on the second day by using ears, which requires you to speak them loud and keep repeating the words till they say to do. Let them listen as much as possible and find out how much they remember at the end.




    It is sure, that after reading this blog, you will find your child's unique style of learning. Whichever learning pattern your child follows, looking, listening, or doing, it’s important that you identify it early, to be able to help build a study routine that can work on their strengths. You can enroll your child’s name in the CBSE School in the Howrah district for a better upbringing.

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