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Top tools in CorelDraw that every designer should use

  • Coreldraw is vector based graphic application, which was developed by corel industry firm. It is based on vector images, bitmaps and designing tolls for the industry. It is most commonly software that used for designing with creative tools and work space. It have budget friendly subscription that you got from official website of corel draw. It is used to modify and changed the shapes, size, colour and position also and used to applying more effects to object and color balancing. It also useful for business marketing and advertising by making logo, posters, templates, illustrations, etc.

    If you are really interested in becoming a designer then you must think about graphic designing courses in Delhi. 

    As the latest version of coreldraw suite, you can use new features and innovated tools for your designing work to the next level. It has lots of tools and features for designing, lets have a look to top tools in coreldraw:

    1. Shape tool- It is most common and useful tool to modify any shapes, object, text and image also just by chosen shape tool and click on that shape on their anchor points with lots of properties to modify that.

    2. Pen tool- This tools is used to making shapes and illustration and sketching by adding curves and nodes to that shape. It is very easy to handle with curve by nodes and with less nodes it create more finishing curve to shape. Master Pen tool by joining a graphic design course in Delhi.

    3. Artistic Media Tool- Its having many modes to use for shapes, paints and borders having modes are- Presets, Brushes, Sprayer, Calligraphic, and pressure. It directly applied on shape and freehand to create line with different types of artistic mode to make shape border.

    4. Free transform tool- This tool is used for transforming the existing shape with corner nodes, rotation, position and by scaling to transform the image or an object. 

    It has two types:

    Smudge tool- This tool can modify the image with smudging and change the form of that image by distorting the points.

    Roughen Tool- This tool will be used for roughen the image with their nodes distort and make shape edges outline into roughen form.

    5. Text and table tool- The important tool and designing element for a designer to type. By text settings you can managed your text presentation in design. It can manage your single line text or in a paragraph form. In order to understand the role of text and other tools in detail, you can go for CorelDraw training institute in Delhi. 

    6. Blend Tool- This is very creative tool in corel to modify and convert shapes into new design with transform with another shape with having property bars to applying changes with colors different shapes and with text also. You can modify the shapes with starting and ending shape. 

    As a graphic designer, corel is very appropriate for designing and marketing for advertising and business. It provide very friendly and easy to handle tools to make design. It is a professional software to design vector and illustration or any graphic. Now, if you are really interested in learning this application then you must think about joining a graphic design institute in Delhi where you can master everything in CorelDraw.