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Top 5 things which you can do in Adobe Photoshop but not in Ado

  • Being a designer, it is important to learn both raster and vector design applications. No doubt Photoshop and Illustrator are the most important one to learn. But still mostly artists recommend learning Photoshop before Illustrator as there are few things which you can do only in Adobe Photoshop. 

    Let’s bring some light over both tools once.

    Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop CC is part of the authorized training ordination for Adobe graphics and publishing software, which were developed by adobe inc. You can learned the important concepts and features that need to be assigned the program. Adobe Photoshop provides many advanced features, including tips and techniques by using the latest version of the application and can also used not only in raster but also for digitally editing. If you are interested in learning this application then you must go for Photoshop institute in Rohini where you can get the professional level of training.

    Adobe Illustrator

    Adobe Illustrator is also a part of designing series for adobe graphics, it is mainly based on vector graphics and designing platform. This is mainly used for designing logo, cartoon, graphics, fonts, and for packaging designing. Do you want to create the illustrations or vector graphics? Then there is the best Adobe Illustrator course to join.

    5 things you can do only in Adobe Photoshop:

    1. Edit photos with Photoshop

    Firstly you should know that Photoshop is one of the most powerful software for image editing it commonly used for the photographers for their shoots. With Photoshop you can easily edit image with multiple styles like:-

    Change colors, or enhance color grading, add contrast and highlighting or adjust the image position or sharpness.

    In photoshop you can easily get your images retouched with many features for retouching, easily edit your skin and enhance your beauty with Photoshop.

    With photoshop you can easily add and delete someone existing or any object from an image.

    In photoshop we can combine multiple images in single one and make collage from multiple images.

    It also use for fixed up old images into new layouting with many features for recreating that into new look.

    You can join photo editing course in Delhi for learning how to edit raw footage using this editing software.

    2. Make a Digital Painting

    On the far side of editing, it can be also used for creating digital paintings, cartoon and graphics. Having lot of creative paintbrushes which makes what’s being drawn, utterly copy old images and photographs into digitally.

    Through different types of brushes and blending layers can also be used together for create a painting. And it can also apply on an image with different paintbrush effects and ranging them with oil textures to charcoal, and ink effect.

    Learn the art of digital painting by joining the Visual Design Course and learning from experts.

    3. Photoshop for graphic design

    If you want to design a poster then also it can be very flexible to use it. Photoshop is better option for the beginners for designing platform before using illustrator. It has also lots of tools for designing, creating your ideas into graphics.

    Check graphic design institute which offers the Best Graphic Design Courses for beginners.

    4. Making Cutout of an image

    Photoshop is mostly used for cutout of an image easily with lots of techniques with effectively. Its commonly used by all adobe platform for cuting out and remove background and you can use that cutout in all kinds of creative ways. Photoshop offers lots of ways for capture the right cutout which you want for your project and used conveniently.

    There are different methods for creating cutouts. Join the best institute for graphic designing in Delhi to learn how to create cutouts like a pro.

    5. Making GIFs in Photoshop

    There are many ways to make GIF but in photoshop we can easily made that with basic tools and animation. Gif is made of consecutive frames that make them in animation. You can easily import images and set them in frames in timeline of photoshop. Through this application you can easily make your creativity into short clips.

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    At the end, both applications have their better performance in the field of designing and it also different in their on ways but they can also be used together. Lots of tools are common in both the applications but with different use, but its upon you to chose one or to use them together. Before designing you have to know the difference between them for different types of editing and designing. You can attain the skills of editing and designing using Photoshop and Illustrator with the help of Graphic Designing Courses in Delhi or near you.