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Why is Photoshop Beginner Designers Friendly Software?

  • Learning Photoshop is crucial for becoming a graphic designer. And if you are already a beginner graphic designer then I would recommend Photoshop as one of the best software applications to learn for you. So you can definitely think about joining a Photoshop course in Delhi to learn. If you are still not sure then let me tell you about my learning experience.


    See, Photoshop is complicated and complex at first but when you get to know it, gradually, it becomes pretty easy. It sounds unbelievable but Photoshop helped me be aware of my surroundings, and there is a reason for it.


    Reason 1) In Photoshop you and I have to be aware because if you put, click, and press the wrong thing it could mess up the whole image, canvas, or anything you were working on in Photoshop, and that's why you have to be aware and open-minded.


    Reason 2) Photoshop helps you to think outside the box, as well as be smart. It really did help me to be more and more creative as I went on to finishing my Photoshop sessions and it definitely gave me more skills and upgraded my IQ level for sure and made me more logical.


    I did have some problems along the way since my version was way different than my teacher's (Anuradha Sengar) version. I would recommend you the newest version not just because it is better, but it is also going to be new for you. And you can catch up with your trainers. Using outdate version will be harder, more complex, and more complicated of course.


    Fun fact,

    We know that Photoshop is super powerful in making designs for digital only, but I tested it for print media and it was good at that point too.


    When I first started my Photoshop session I thought it was gonna be very hard from the look when you see the main page, but as I kept going, it became easier and easier for me which is surprising for me you know since I thought it was gonna be very hard.


    I had a lot of up and down in Photoshop and forgot some things before I had to search it up on google, watch a tutorial, or asked my teacher (Anuradha Sengar).


    Fun things you can try while learning Photoshop:


    • You can try to turn a black and white picture into a color picture which is my favorite thing to do in Photoshop or you can take a color picture and try to change the color of it in Photoshop.


    • You can try 3D effects on texts, shapes, it images if u would like in Photoshop.


    • You can try video add timeline to make videos and movies in Photoshop.


    • You can try to make your picture look old or try to your picture in black and white in Photoshop.


    • You can try the Filter Gallery and give it a ratio look in Photoshop.



    My favorite tools in Photoshop


    • Quick Selection Tool – I use it for making selections and cutouts.
    • The Patch Tool – I use it for removing unwanted areas or making copies of the selected areas in the images.
    • The Eyedropper Tool – This is the quickest tool to use to pick up any color.
    • The Move Tool – Without this tool you can’t do anything.
    • The Type tool – Text is crucial, thus using this Type tool is also crucial.


    So, learning Photoshop is amazing and every graphic design courses student should consider it. I’m a graphic design course in Rohini student and my program is of 6 months.

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