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    It doesn't matter if you're organizing a private tour of the past of Cairo or a group excursion to the Pyramids of Giza, you'll require a reliable guide. Here are some things to be looking in a tour guide. ToursByLocals has a guide that has a deep understanding of Egypt. The Egyptologists at ToursByLocals will show you all the major sights of Egypt and give you an insight from the locals. The top tourist attractions include the pyramids at Giza as well as the Egyptian Museum, the ancient markets, Cairo neighborhoods, and the Valley of the Kings, in which you can visit King Tut's tomb.

    tour guide

    Make sure to do your research before selecting the guide. If you are able to find reviews online, ensure that you select a company based in Egypt. It is also possible to visit the museums or attractions on your own and use the guidebook that the museum provides. However, make sure to get a low-cost guide to keep the costs down. It is not necessary to spend excessively since guides are able to be able to share their knowledge with others who visit.


    Tour guides should be able of communicating effectively. They must be patient with other tour guides and be able handle them well. They should be punctual, organized and knowledgeable to help others. The guide should be pleasant and cheerful and possess outstanding interpersonal skills. You should expect a tour guide to be an expert on the region, and must be able address all your concerns. You can expect them to be able to answer all your questions and provide the history of each site.


    Before you hire a guide be sure to verify whether they have a valid list of drivers, or Egyptologists. You should ensure that the credentials of your guide and references are up-to current. Local guides are the best option when you are planning to hire a guide for Egypt. You can rest assured that your guide is trustworthy and professional. You'll also feel safe and get the most out of your trip.


    The Lonely Planet and Rough Guide travel guides can be extremely useful. But they don't be able to cover every situation. It's important to inform the hotel know about your travel plans so they can assist you if you become lost. It's recommended to purchase lots of water since it is essential to drink a lot of water while traveling in Egypt. A lack of water can cause you to become dehydrated and not fit for adventure. An experienced guide can help to keep hydrated.


    You can combine ancient history with modern times through hiring a private guide. While they can be more expensive than normal tour guides private tours are still quite inexpensive in Egypt. You can also customize your tour with your private guide if you like. They're typically less expensive than group tours, so it is worth considering hiring an individual guide to accompany you on your tour. Be sure to take into consideration safety.


    TravelHealthPro provides information and advice regarding Egypt's entry requirements. The currency in Egypt is approximately 50% of US dollars. Locals will be extremely helpful. It is important to keep in mind that tipping should be done with 10-20 EGP. It is recommended to use smaller denominations when shopping or dine out in restaurants. It's also important to have sufficient US currency in your wallet in order to buy whatever you like.

    Safety is another important factor when selecting the right tour guide for Egypt. There are always risks even when Egypt has high safety standards. For example, while driving through the countryside you may come across unexploded landmines. Landmines that have not been detonated are found in the Mediterranean coastline, in the vicinity of Marsa Matrouh, and in the Red Sea south-of Suez. They are clearly marked by markers and are surrounded by barbed wire fences.

    There are many Egypt tour guides who are experts. Egypt Tours provides dayand multiday tours, which include the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum as well as the Valley of the Kings, as well as ending in Cairo. Prices for other activities will differ based on the choice of a tour guide with one of these organizations. Based on the activities you wish to do, you may choose a multiday tour that runs from Cairo to Luxor at around $1200 USD.

    The Alexandria University Complex is an example of the earliest institution in the world. Before this, professors used any available space to teach classes. An excellent example of an early modern university is the Alexandria university complex. It is possible that similar structures were discovered in Antioch, Constantinople and Beirut. Whatever their source however, the Alexandrian university complex is a significant piece of ancient Egyptian history. The long and rich history of Alexandria can be viewed here.

    Alexandria is the home of four ports. The Western Port, also known as the Alexandria Port, handles about 60 percent of the country's exports. The Eastern Port, which is used for boating, can be found in the north east of the governorate. Abu Qir Port serves as commercial port and handles general cargo, as well phosphates. The city is serviced by a parallel tram line. It runs on both diesel and electric power. There are buses that travel to Cairo and other cities.

    The city's coastline offers beautiful views and great breezes. This stretch of coast runs to the east of El Montazah Palace which is the summer home of the King and ends west at Qaitbay Castle which was the city's former fortification against invaders forces. There are numerous hotels along the coast. Alexandria is a wonderful destination any time of year. There are also instances when Alexandria is the best. Alexandria is a place with the perfect climate for all seasons.

    The library located in Alexandria was popular with religious scholars and an influx of pagans as well as Jews came to the city. Alexandria became a centre for tensions among the population after Christianity was introduced to the region. To counter this, Emperor Theodosius II declared Alexandria as a place that was free of religion and Theophilus, the patriarch, removed many pagan temples. The Library of Alexandria was named one year later.

    The ancient city of Alexandria was a scholarly hub that exported manuscripts and books across the globe. Visitors came from all over of the globe to Alexandria because of its paper business. Ptolemies were in search of manuscripts and scholars were interested in Alexandria and thus they established libraries. The library was part of a larger facility that was referred to as the Musaeum, which was also home to the city's renowned temple dedicated to the Muses. The museum was more than just artifacts , but also old Egyptian treasures.

    In the early days, the city was an island islands. By a 1,260-metre-long mole referred to as the Heptastadion the island was linked to mainland. The opposite side of the mole was where the stadium was constructed. It was 180m or 590 feet high. A modern-day version of the city's harbor is the island of Pharos. It also includes a royal quarter submerged under the sea.

    The waterline of this historic city is breathtaking. The canals which were secured by a 5 mile wall are now lined with beach shelters. The 13th century was when Alexandria's seaport was fortified by towers. Even though it was a popular location for beach-goers in the later centuries, it is still an important part of Alexandria today. A visit to the waterfront is sure to give you Alexandria a glimpse of the city's rich and fascinating history.

    Alexandria's famous Pompey's Pillar can be toured by tourists. It's a Roman triumphal column situated on the city's old Acropolis. It was originally an ancient temple colonnade. Alexander the Great later constructed the column. The base of the column is 2.7 metres (8.9ft) long. It is among the oldest monuments in the world, standing at 88 feet high.

    The city was a major hub of Hellenistic culture and had many intellectual luminaries. The library of Alexandria was among the largest libraries in the ancient world, and the renowned Pharos lighthouse, which was an indicator of the prosperity of Alexandria was among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It was built upon the remains of an old lighthouse that was 110m tall. The stunning lighthouse as well as its surroundings are among the most popular attractions in Alexandria.

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