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What should I do when my Laptop Constantly Hangs?

  • One of the most annoying computer problems we are facing is definitely this one! To make things are worse, it frequently occurs when it is most inconvenient. Don't worry, there are a few easy and practical steps to get your laptop running flawlessly once more.

    A laptop may hang or start to perform poorly for a variety of reasons. Your laptop will typically hang because of a software problem or because too many programmes are running at once.

    In this article, we will help you in knowing the most common reasons why laptops hang or freeze, and we will also show you how you can solve those common laptop issues. We have limited this article to only include laptops that run Microsoft’s Windows operating systems.


    Random computer freezes

    When utilizing various software programmes, your computer may occasionally freeze for a variety of reasons. Here are the most frequent causes of computer sporadic freezing.

    1. Insufficient processing speed
    Frequently brought on by applications that consume a lot of Central Processing Unit (CPU) power, such 3D rendering or video editing software. If you're using programmes that require a lot of CPU processing, try to keep the number of windows open at a minimum.

    2. Overheated CPU
    The processing capability of your CPU will significantly strain if a computer begins to overheat. If the internal fans in a laptop or desktop computer are loud or noisier than usual, that is a sure sign that your computer is overheating. Never hide or obstruct a computer's ventilation ports to prevent overheating. Make sure your PC has adequate ventilation at all times.

    3. Upgrade your operating system
    Make sure your operating system is always the most recent update available. This will guarantee a smooth operation of your CPU and guard against attacks from the most recent malware or other security-related problems. Your laptop could malfunction if the operating system updates are not installed promptly. To be able to receive updates as soon as they are made available, it is advised to always run a legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows. When running Windows 10, the update option is already on. The most recent drivers and automatic updates are typically accessible online.

    4. Driver problems
    Your laptop may have a "driver" related problem if all of the checks mentioned above are ineffective and the issue still persists. Either the Windows Device Manager or third-party software can be used to check for any driver problems.

    5. Hardware problems
    A hardware problem, in which a computer component is not functioning properly or is malfunctioning, is a more serious problem. Several factors may be to blame for this. The most frequent ones are brought on by high heating or dust buildup on computer parts.


    If you believe that your laptop is sporadically hanging due to a hardware problem, it is always preferable to take it to a reputable authorized laptop service centre. Read this helpful article to learn how to troubleshoot your problem if your laptop keeps shutting down at random. If you’re planning to buy a new laptop, we recommend buying it from a laptop showroom in Chennai with an extended warranty plan. Our extended warranty covers all the defects and malfunctions covered in the standard manufacturer’s warranty.

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