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published or self-published: how to choose?

  • how to get a book published ? Both self-published books and publishing houses are common publishing methods. But whether self-publishing your book or published by a publishing house needs to be carefully considered.

    In recent years, with the development of the book publishing industry, more and more writers choose to self-publish their own books. According to the latest report from ProQuest affiliate Bowker. Self-publishing grew at a rate of 40 percent in 2018-and shows no signs of slowing down.

    What is the difference between self-publishing and publishing house publishing the book?

    1.The purpose is different.

    Self-publishing is often to show academic achievements or to publish more books. Due to the small audience, it is generally only published, not distributed. The main purpose of publishing house is to make a profit, not only to publish but also to distribute.

    2.Copyright ownership is different.

    Publish the book at your own expense, and the copyright belongs to the individual (author). Publishers publishing the book is a partnership between authors and publishers. But the copyright belongs to the publishing house. And after publishing the book, the publisher pays the author.

    3.The requirements for publishing books are different.

    The requirements for self-published books are not as high as those published by publishers. Self-published books are sufficient as long as the content conforms to the publishing regulations. However, the publishing house not only needs to meet the requirements of the publishing regulations. But also needs a relatively high market prospect.

    4.The cycle is different.

    The process of self-publish is simple and the cycle is short. Authors can choose to cooperate with agency companies without spending a lot of time and energy. They only need to deliver the manuscripts that are in order, clear, and finalized to the agency company. The agency company can provide one-stop publishing and distribution services to help authors quickly and efficiently write books and save money. Publishing costs. Publishers have their own book review cycle, and it takes a long time. If the interpersonal relationship is not handled well, the content of the manuscript is not very innovative and the author is unknown, it is difficult to publish the book at public expense by the publishing house.

    5.The cost bearers are different.

    Self-publishing the book: all the cost of self publishing a book is borne by the individual.

    Publishing house publish the book: The cost shall be borne by the publisher. Publishing houses are mainly aimed at authors who are famous in various fields, or have a certain mass base, or books that can sell well in the market. Because the publishing house bears the cost to the author to publish the book, it is to profit. So they only publish some books that have a certain market for free. But, the general author publishes books, their reading crowd is very small. So the publishing house will not publish some new authors‘book and new works for free. Thus, our common publishing method is that the author publishes at his own expense.

    6.The printing method is different.

    Self-publishing is find a book printer to print your book. The publishing house printing the book, it is the printing company entrusted by the publishing house to print in batches.

    Why more and more people choose self-publish their book

    "The self-publishing landscape continues to improve, creating more and more opportunities for authors to manage their own path through the process," said Beat Barblan, Vice President of Publishing and Data Services at Bowker and chairman of the board of the International ISBN Agency. "As more authors take advantage of the abundant tools now available to publish, distribute and market their own books, we expect that self-publishing will continue to grow at a steady pace."

    Is self-publishing better than publisher publishing the book?

    Whether self-published or published by a publisher, each has its own benefits. If your book had been popular online, choose cooperate with a publisher is a good choice. Why? Because the publisher have strong financial and network support, you cooperate with them. Not only is it beneficial to improve the popularity of the work, but also you don't need to pay any cost to publish your book. If you only want to publish your book show academic achievements, it is suitable for self-publishing. Because this kind of works have small audience, it is hard to published by publishers.

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