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Why Do Printing Companies Make Short Black Edition

  • How to correctly select the black version in the printing and plate making of landscape color originals? Generally speaking, most landscape images have the characteristics of gorgeous color and high color saturation. Therefore, for the reproduction of this kind of color manuscript, it is suitable for book printing companies to use the three primary color version with long tone, and the tone of the green version can be up to 5% ~ 95%, and the color balance is carried out between the yellow, magenta and green version, and then the dark tone of the picture. The region chooses to compensate the printing density of the skeleton black plate, can achieve the vision to adapt to the requirements, such as high, middle level level is very full, the color is bright and thick.




    Since this kind of printed matter is printed by high-speed multi-color machine, the three primary color black plate should be removed more background color to reduce the accumulation of ink in the dark tone elimination area, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid drying. As for the deep primary color in the saturated state, the tone loss part of the black plate should be compensated accordingly. The depth and tone length of the given value of the black plate mesh point should depend on the background color removal range and amount of the three primary color plate, So sometimes book printing companies make them into short key black edition.