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Why children picture books printing so expensive?

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    In recent years,although the fierce competition in the children book printing industry,but due to the cost of picture book printing is very high, only little book printing companies in china can made this kind of books.In this article,let's talk about why are children picture books printing so expensive from three aspects:printing quantity, materials and methods.


    1. The printing volume of picture books is generally not large

    Usually only 3000 to 5000 copies are printed for the first time, which is smaller than the general printing volume of tens of thousands, so the cost is correspondingly high. Generally, picture books are hardcover book printing when they are first printed.

    2. The printing materials are more high-end

    In addition, considering that most babies have the problem of tearing books, so the paper for children picture book printing is also much higher quality than other books. The inner paper often chooses imported coated paper with high smoothness, good quality, and paper thickness is resistant to tearing. The cover will also be thicker hard shell paper.

    3. Eco-friendly printing methods

    In terms of printing methods,for the health of the baby, children book printing will use green printing. Such as custom board book and children’s picture book printing usually use green printing:

    1.Mineral ink is used for general mimeograph, while soybean ink is used for books with green certification. When children turn over, they often touch the whole book with their hands, and children will put their hands in their mouths. So children’s book printers generally use soybean ink to print the picture book. Because this kind of ink is harmless at the entrance.

    2.In the binding method, ordinary thick-page books are bound by perfect binding, which has high formaldehyde and looks crisp but not environmentally friendly, while green printing is bound by saddle stitching, which is made by hand. So the labor cost will be increase.

    3.As for why are the front and back cover and inner pages thicker? That is to prevent young children from folding and tearing books and to solve the problem of high damage rate. Fold the two in half to reach 0.6 mm, which can prevent children from tearing the book.


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