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What to Consider When Choose Book Printing Paper

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    Book printing in china, we always say choosing paper for a book is like finding a partner.Choose the paper for a book determines whether it matches the qualities of the book; in short, whether it can best present the content. 

    When we choose the paper,we really need to consider is:how to choose the paper with cost-effective,good printing effect,best fits the book’s content and cheap.

     What are the parts include in choosing paper?

     If for the paperback,which includes:

    1. The inner paper;
    2. The end paper.It is the layer of paper between the cover and the text. (Some paperbacks don't use end paper)
    3. Inner cover paper:not every book has it.
    4. Girdle paper: not every book has it, and there are some books, the girdle is part of the outer cover.

    If for the hardcover book printing service,the paper includes:

    1.Inner paper

    2.The end paper

    3.Mounting paper: It is the layer of paper or cloth mounted on the outside of the hard shell (remind everyone to consider the effect of the mounting paper after mounting).

    4.Outer cover paper:not every book has it

    5.Girdle paper: not every book has it.

    When we choose the printing paper,what are we need to consider?

    1.The printing effect.Your book is plain text or with many photos?If your book has many photos,what’s type of the photo.Do you need to see the details clearly, or is there only a general presentation? Is the blur of large particles more effective? Do you pay special attention to the restoration of color, or do you have no special requirements for color.

    2.The gram weight of paper.Paper is generally priced by ton, that is to say, when the price for per ton is the same, you can buy more paper with low gram weight (generally thinner), so it is relatively cheaper, but the gram weight is relatively low. If it is too low, when the paper is printed on the machine, it is easy to wrinkle, and the printing ink, especially double-sided printing, is easy to penetrate, and the effect is very poor.

    As for the high gram weight, the paper is relatively thick (the same kind of paper, regardless of the bulk), and it is thicker in the hand. It is often seen that we custom hardcover book with relatively little content. If the price is relatively high, everyone thinks it is not worth it, but the weight increases. With the same number of pages, the whole book is much thicker, and the price also goes up.

    Special reminder: There are some coated papers, their coating is deep into the paper texture (not only on the surface), this type of paper, the gram weight is more higher, coating is more thicker and the color reproduction is more better ; if the gram weight is lower, it will reduce the coating ability to restore color.

    3.The bulk of paper: imagine the paper as a cake. If paper with low bulk is like pancakes, thinner, and paper with high bulk is like a dough cake. So the same gram weight, the book is thicker.

    4.The price of paper.Paper is one of the major costs in china book printing, especially today when the price of paper is rising.

    5.Whether to close or open: the paper used for printing books in china has a certain size, and the commonly used sizes are different for different papers. During the process of cutting and folding the printing paper into the size of the book, if the size is not correct, it will waste the paper. Such as, before we custom spiral bound book printing, we must fully communicate with the book printing companies in china ,to ask whether this size and the use of this kind of paper will cause waste.

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