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What are the three types of book binding?

  • Book manufacturer divide paper book binding into two major processes: "packaging" and "binding",which is a general term for the book processing process. Among them, binding is the processing of book covers, that is, binding; binding is the processing of book blocks, that is, binding the pages into a book. The quality of binding will affect the reading, preservation and final artistic effect of books and periodicals. Whether you ready to publish your book or get it to publish ,you should consider the binding as the beginning of your book.Below we briefly introduce three types of commonly used binding methods.


    According to the form of binding, it is divided into three types: paperback, hardcover and thread.


    1. Paperback binding


    Also known as simple binding, it is a common form of book binding that has been reformed after summarizing the advantages of backpack packaging and thread binding. The main processes include folding, collating, ordering, wrapping and cutting the edge of the book. Usually a paper cover is used. The method is simple, the cost is low, and it is suitable for books with less space and a large number of prints.Such as perfect bound book printing,cheap brochures printing,note book printing and so on.


    Paperbacks are divided into six types from the binding form: saddle stitching, flat stitching, stitch binding, perfect binding, loose-leaf binding, and album binding.


    2. Hardcover binding


    It is a book binding technology. Hardcover is divided into full paper hardcover, paper ridge hardcover, and full material hardcover. The three hardcover styles are available in both round and flat ridges.


    Hardcover book printing is mainly made of various shapes on the cover of the book, the back of the book block, and the corners of the book. There are various processing methods and forms, such as book block processing with round back (with or without ridge), square back, square corners and rounded corners, etc.; cover processing is divided into whole face, joint face, rounded corner, hot foil , embossing patterns, etc.


    The binding form of hardcover books is divided into ten types from the binding form: soft back, hard back, cavity back, grooved round ridge book, no groove round ridge book, grooved square ridge book, no groove square ridge book, loose-leaf book , rivets, knots.





    3. Thread binding


    It is one of the methods of book binding. Its distinctive feature is that the bound book line is exposed outside the book. Thread binding is the traditional binding method in China, which is relative to the "dress" books imported from abroad. When binding, fold the printed pages according to the middle seam to align the book edges, add a cover to the front and back of the book, punch holes and thread. Only soft covers should be used for wire-bound books, and each volume should not be too thick, so a wire-bound book is often divided into several or dozens of volumes.


    So people add a letter (a book cover made of hard paper and cloth) to each volume, or use two wooden boards at the top and bottom to tie it with strings to protect the books. Thread-bound books prevailed after the Wanli Year of the Ming Dynasty. It is developed from butterfly and backpack.

     Through this article can help you drive your book binding decisions.I hope to help you make the best book binding choose when you ready to custom printing service.If you want to know more difference between this three types of binding methods,please contact me immediately,I will tell you more details.

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