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The Importance of Caring for Your Child’s Baby Teeth

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    Why Baby Teeth are Important

    Healthier Adult Teeth

    As baby teeth grow, they also grow and develop a strong, supportive jaw. By age three, most babies have fully developed their primary set of 20 baby teeth. These primary teeth hold the space in which permanent teeth will eventually grow. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, it can shift and cause make it difficult for permanent teeth to find room to grow. This can lead to crooked smiles and crowded teeth in need of expensive orthodontic treatments.

    Improved Motor Skills

    Babies continually develop their motor skills as they grow, including their ability to chew! A healthy set of baby teeth can aid babies in learning to properly eat and chew solid foods leading to healthier digestion. Much like learning to chew, a healthy jaw and teeth can also aid in the faster development of your child’s ability to speak.

    How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth

    Start Promoting Healthy Teeth Before They Arrive

    Good oral hygiene practices can begin in the infancy stage to ensure a healthy set of baby teeth. Routinely wiping your newborn’s gums with a clean, soft washcloth can lessen the number of bacteria present in your baby’s mouth. It is also important to keep utensil sharing with your baby — at any age — to a minimum. Baby teeth are more vulnerable and the bacteria in your saliva from a shared spoon or fork could actually lead to a cavity in your baby’s teeth.

    Establish a Daily Brushing Routine

    Decay can develop as soon as baby teeth start growing in, so It is important to brush daily as soon as the first tooth appears. Establish a routine to brush twice daily until your child is old enough to learn how to properly brush their teeth. A proper brushing — and eventually flossing — routine can keep teeth healthier, longer. Once your child begins brushing their teeth on their own, supervise to ensure they are doing it correctly and safely.

    A Healthy Diet for Healthy Teeth

    Since baby teeth are more susceptible to cavities and decay, it is important to limit the amount of sugar in your baby’s daily diet. Sugary treats are acceptable on occasion but should not be consumed daily. This includes juices, sweets, and other sugary food and drinks in your baby’s diet that can lead to cavities. Routine Pediatric Dental Cleaning.

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