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Hiring a Criminal Lawyer? – Things You Should Know

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    All countries have their own laws to regulate crimes and criminal activities. Similarly, the United Arab Emirates also has a comprehensive substantial and procedural criminal law. Offences such as sexual abuse, defamation, fraud, cybercrime, and kidnapping, amongst others, are criminal offences in the UAE.


    If you ever find yourself in a position where you are involved in a criminal situation, you may then need the assistance of top criminal lawyers in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. There are numerous criminal lawyers in the UAE, including international law firms, who will provide you with the legal consultation, representation, and advice required for you to handle your criminal matter. 


    However, the question arises as to what you should keep in mind when you are looking to hire the right criminal lawyer for you. 


    Below are some helpful tips. 


    Experience in Criminal Law 

    It is prudent to choose a criminal lawyer who has wide-ranging and vast experience in the criminal law field. It is also good to find criminal lawyers who have a proven track record of success and have the ability to provide the best legal representation to ensure you get optimal results. 


    It is also important to have a criminal lawyer in Dubai who has experience representing clients in courts. If you are hiring an international law firm, make sure that the law firm consists of registered lawyers in addition to legal consultants. This is because only registered lawyers are permitted to appear before courts and argue matters. 


    Communication Skills

    The top criminal lawyers would have excellent communication skills and can explain legal jargon in simplified terms. They would also help you understand your present position, your options going forward, and the risks associated with each option. 


    Meet the Lawyer 

    You should consider meeting the lawyer for an initial consultation to discuss your matter. This will help you to determine the extent to which your lawyer can help you and whether you will be comfortable working with them. 


    Client Testimonials or Referrals 

    Often you may come across criminal lawyers through referrals made by your co-workers or friends. If that is the case, you should obtain their views on what their experience has been while working with the criminal lawyer. If you are looking for a criminal lawyer on the internet, it is a good practice to check their website and read the testimonials or reviews left by the clients of the criminal lawyers. This will help you filter out those lawyers who may not have a good track record. 


    The team of the Criminal Lawyer

    Most times, the criminal lawyer you hire will not be working alone but collaborating with his team to provide the best legal representation for his clients. Acquaint yourself with the team and check if the team induces confidence in you, as they will have a role in handling your criminal matter. 


    Check the Fee Structure 

    Before you decide on the criminal lawyer for you, you should discuss the fee proposed to be charged by them. If the fee quoted by them is well above your budget, you should reconsider your decision to hire them and look for a qualified and experienced lawyer who will charge a professional fee commensurate with the complexity, seriousness, and urgency of the matter. 


    Choosing the right criminal lawyer in Dubai is a tricky business, but with the right tips, you should be in a position to find a lawyer who has the requisite qualification and expertise in the UAE to handle your matter.

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