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Dissertation Writing In Employment Economic Research Proposal

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    Dissertation writing in employment economic research is a challenging task for the candidates. The field of economics exhibits that different factors such as economic growth, human development, well-being and happiness are dealing with conflict because of scarcity of resources and the natural practices such as the ability to multiply and increase in the human needs. Having enough knowledge about the different activities that are taking place in the field of economics is necessary for the candidate to write a dissertation. Concerning the employment economic research it can be explained that the employment levels depend on a vast number of factors. Thus, it is of paramount significance that the candidate gathers enough information about the factors impacting employment levels before beginning the dissertation. The employment depends on several factors such as technology, composition of the product etc. In the dissertation these factors should be discussed in detail and also emphasis should be laid on the impact of different factors[1].

    Significance of Dissertation

    The dissertation or thesis planned by the candidate actually provides an idea of the plan proposed, scope of the dissertation, research questions included, research methodology, an outline of the thesis etc. To summarize, it explains the significance of the thesis. Some key points that are outlined by the thesis are as follows:

    • In short, your proposal explains what you want to study, how you will study this topic, why this topic needs Purpose of the project
    • Significance of research questions
    • Significance of hypotheses
    • Problem statement

    Organization of the dissertation

    There are some key steps to organize a dissertation. Though the organization of the thesis is almost similar for the different domains but it is slightly different for the economic domain. A dissertation in economic domain should include all the key factors that impact the economy and their impact on the other allied factors. The organization of the dissertation can be explained as follows[2]:

    1. Theme of the dissertation

    The theme of the project should be mentioned in this part. It should clearly describe the purpose of the research and briefly explain the contribution made. The description should also include a snippet of the techniques used.

    1. Introduction

    In this section the major contribution of the project should be discussed. The section should include what the research is about and the purpose of research. The introduction should be interesting for the readers and should clearly describe the problem statement and the significance of the solution. The introduction should briefly describe the significance of the research from an economic perspective, with special emphasis on employment. It should be such that the audience get an idea about the employment economic area of research and they understand the further terms clearly.

    1. Literature Review

    Once the contribution is clearly mentioned in the introduction part, plan and work on the literature review section citing enough references associated with your piece of work. The citations chosen should be associating with your topic of study and should enable the audience to get an overview of the different techniques used till now and their limitations[3]. Also give an idea of the different parameters affected. Through this section of the dissertation you can describe the difference between your research and the other research works. One of the most important points to be kept in mind is that the research work is related to the economic area and thus the papers cited should be from related fields.

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