Use Efficiency Of The Conveyor Chain Is Improved


    There are many kinds of chains. If they are divided into conveyor chain and transmission chains according to their specific effects, they are certainly different. Starting with the conveyor chain, its main function is to realize the conveyor of goods, so compared with the transmission chain, the obvious difference is that the chain speed is slow, but the load is large.

    In order to meet such special requirements, the weight of the conveyor chain must not exceed the specified range, and at the same time, it must form a certain proportional relationship with the load it bears. At the same time, the wear resistance must be small, because the number of sprocket teeth is small when the conveyor chain is running, and the angle of rotation and flexion between the relative chain internodes is large, so it is easy to be worn. In addition, the conveyor chain must have specific impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, reliability, etc. to meet the use requirements under special working conditions. However, the rolling resistance cannot be high, which is the basic condition for improving the service efficiency and service life of the conveyor chain.

    After that, let's talk about the transmission chain. The representative one is the short pitch precision roller chain. Its characteristic is that the pitch is increased to an integer, and it can be blocked by various different pitch forms, etc. After getting familiar with the characteristics of short pitch precision roller chain, its application is also very obvious.

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