I used to not shout about Dofus Kamas mistakes

  • I used to not shout about Dofus Kamas mistakes, bugs and trendy'attributes' but I feel as if it is the right moment. Why did you (Ankama is the recipient of this message) even release 2.49? Beta wasnt even analyzed fight was crashing the game when ebony was 5 piles, and that means you didnt check whether it works. Current version remains packed with'features', for example in patch 2.49.2 you state'When a character accepts a Kolossium struggle from inside the Infinite Dreams, the erosion suffered in Infinite Dreams is no longer kept in Kolossium fight.' But it wasn't fixed by you for fights that are normal? What about redistribution in dreams to get two supervisors?

    You do not even know how some things in the game work if you direct things to the point where folks were crafting dream reflections infinitely due to percent save bonus. No one thought of this while programming it it will be possible to craft a bag of 1000 fantasy reflections then use it to receive 1000 fantasy reflections back and help save bonus will do the job there? Are you money hungry that you don't hire any sport testers? New runes aren't enabled yet and you wanted players to come to beta and examine it and give you feedback before saying how they operate? And you made an event where the payoff was a ceremonial pet, and what occurred (atleast in en community)? People posted pictures of things with pods maged XD.

    You need players to play something different than variety teams(hold on not just ranged teams but largely cras since they are unbalanced and op?) In boundless dreams but also make it hopeless due to absurd harm of monsters and group erosion. What is the point of upgrade and new items if only small proportion of players can receive it? It already requires a great deal of work to be able to purchase the fragment for item (for many of them six from six achivement is required) and its required to reach very high floor to find for example Ganymede's Diadem which cost 11,2 millions of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro dream reflections. As for now the cost on Echo is around 15 kamas per fantasy reflection and you wish to increase that price even more by making it harder to get them? Is a single account participant able to receive that amount of dream reflections? Obviously it is always possible to purchase them from somebody that would be 168mk at the rate of 15 kamas/piece.