I dont even have much of difficulty with RS gold

  • I dont even have much of difficulty with RS gold what these men are doing.They arent spiders, they dont affect the ingame market like some other Venezuelans. All they do is provide a service that some people need, while I would never use this service. Id much prefer these guys get money from people trying to skip training than have the squeal of fortune or other micro transactions introduced. (Edit grammar).

    I speak Spanish and I have spoken to some of them... like all jokes aside. . We joke around about them constantly dragon killing and at times, etc.. . But its a fact that they do that to make IRL money. And of course what they'd get working IRL for a week might probably be done in a few hours RS in one day. It is fully supported by me, they have mouths to feed, its only survival. Its sort of like my cousins working in a country getting 40 USD each 1 to 2 weeks verses at which the minimum wage it 15 USD me functioning in NYC. In 3 hours I make more my cousins would make in 1-2 weeks. Let that sink .

    I discovered a way to get a little bit of cash without leaving the GE for whatever when enhancing your cooking and fire making/woodcutting involved equip your axe in any way times. From lvl 1 cooking consumed at least 3 k or 4 k in shrimp then cook them all then spend another 1 k on trout. When all the shrimp is gone keep buying raw trout and selling cooked pickup also pick up ashes because it is going to save 1 burnt fish. Then continue to do this until you cant burn trout that frequently and proceed to some fish of your choice and then maintain scaling every 15 levels or so on fish that should result rather than having to leave the GE. Problems are if the cooked cost is reduced or even with all the raw this will not work resulting in loss of buy old school runescape gold money and decrease in fish a run for reduced level f2p players would suggest this to get a fantastic source of food and only a lot of cash as a small grind reward for cooking and if you would like to fish instead and then begin purchasing some food that's also available to help work on your other abilities as well I found that this chiefly with the trout because it is cheap and gives 70 exp a fish.