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Improve the appearance of product using color matching cabinet

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    Colors are one of the most important factors in assessing the quality of materials. In many cases, colors are the first thing that people notice about a product, and they can be a major factor in deciding whether to purchase it. As a result, it is essential to make sure that the colors of your products are accurately represented and your product should be free of Metamerism. Presto color matching cabinet is one of the essential lab testing equipment that will help you to maintain the consistency of colors to maintain its quality.

    The color matching cabinet is an important testing instrument for any manufacturer who wants to perform color measurement tests on materials. Providing a standardized environment ensures that colors can be accurately assessed and compared.

    This is particularly important when choosing colors for products or projects, as small differences can have a big impact on the final result. The color matching cabinet also offers the benefit of being able to see how colors change under different lighting conditions. This can be very helpful in achieving the desired effect and avoiding unpleasant color errors later on. Here in this blog, we will discuss brief information about how color matching testing equipment from Presto will help to test the color variance in your products. So, let us get started!

    Test the variance of colors with a Presto color matching cabinet

    In the manufacturing process, colors are used to indicate the properties of materials and products. As a result, an accurate color determination is essential to ensure that customers receive the right products. The design engineers at Presto have designed a standardized lab testing instrument known as a color matching lab testing instrument. With its wide view area and the use of different light sources, it will be easy for you to determine the color consistency in your products.

    This testing equipment will stimulate different testing conditions that are helpful in examining different color properties under different light sources. Along with that, it comes with a various number of benefits that we have mentioned below.

    Benefits of using Presto color matching cabinet

    Presto color matching equipment is widely used in different sets of industries and provides a huge number of benefits. Being a leader in lab testing instruments, we design and manufacture all our testing equipment in a standardized way. You can read about the benefits of using this lab testing equipment below:

    • As we have discussed above, colors play a vital role in determining the product quality, therefore, testing the colors will help you to deliver Metamerism-free products.
    • This lab testing equipment will accurately determine even the small difference in colors so that there will be no sort of errors present in the products.
    • When you make use of the Presto color matching cabinet, then you can easily test the color consistency of products with different light sources.

    These are some of the benefits of using the color-matching cabinet. You can easily test the variance in colors using this testing equipment. Now, let us focus on the features and technical specifications of this testing equipment.

    Features of Presto color matching cabinet Spectrum Asia

    1. The equipment offers controlled and reproducible lighting conditions.

    2. There is a wide viewing area.

    3. Suitable for all applications that demand color consistency and quality.

    4. It makes use of multiple light sources or lamps to detect the phenomenon of Metamerism.

    5. Various light sources include artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light,

    ultraviolet black light, and Triphosphor light.

    6. The apparatus is available in various other designs and specifications according to buyers’ needs across Asia, Europe & USA.

    Technical Specifications of Presto color matching cabinet Spectrum Asia

    • The angle of Viewing Booth: 45 Degree
    • Viewing Booth Material: Wood or Steel
    • Time Totalizer accuracy: ± 0.2% over entire range
    • Viewing Area: L 675 x W 455 x H 400 mm
    • Time Totalizer: Least Count 1/10 h
    • Readout: 99999.9 hrs.
    • Size of tube light: 2 Feet

    With these features and technical specifications, it will be easy for you to deliver Metamerism-free products to your customers. If you wish to conduct a FREE sample testing session using this lab testing instrument, then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com to know the color matching cabinet price. We have a team of technical experts that will guide you well regarding all your testing instrument needs.

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