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Top 5 features of UV light Accelerated weathering Tester

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    Polymer is one of the common materials that is used plastic injection molding process to manufacture products efficiently. Due to their ubiquity, it is important to understand how they will perform in different weathering conditions. UV light, rain, and other weathering conditions can all cause the degradation of polymers. This degradation can lead to reduced strength and stability of the material, as well as changes in appearance. Thus, it is important for polymer product manufacturers to conduct UV accelerated weathering tests, on them and ensure that your material will withstand all weathering conditions. We at Presto, being Asia’s top manufacturer of lab testing instruments have come up with advanced testing equipment i.e. UV Light Accelerated Weathering Tester.

    This is one of the high-quality laboratory testing equipment that is used to test the actual working life of the polymers when exposed to different weathering conditions. By using this weathering test chamberone can easily test the quality of polymers by creating simulated weathering conditions. Here, we are going to discuss the top 5 features of Presto UV light accelerated weathering tester and how this lab testing instrument can easily be used to test your product efficiently. But first, let us discuss the importance of testing polymers in different weathering conditions.

    The importance of testing polymers in different weathering conditions

    As we have discussed above, polymers play a crucial role in the manufacturing industry. These products will lead to the development of products with innovative characteristics. With the increased use of polymers in different industries, it is important for manufacturers to test their quality and evaluate their behavior for ahead use.

    Changes that will be caused due to several atmospheric conditions, in polymers, will reduce the strength, durability, and stability of these materials. Testing polymers in different weathering conditions helps manufacturers understand how their products will perform over time. This information can be used to improve the product and make sure it meets consumer expectations. It is also important for safety reasons, as some types of degradation can make materials weaker and more likely to fail.

    Therefore, we at Presto have made it easier for polymer product manufacturers to test the behavior of their materials in different weathering conditions, by testing with Presto UV light accelerated weathering testerNow, let us discuss brief information about this quality testing equipment.

    All about Presto UV accelerated weathering tester

    Polymer testing in different weathering conditions can provide valuable information about the performance of the material in various environments. It can help engineers select the most appropriate polymer for a given application, and optimize processing and design to improve product performance.

    Hence, it will be important for the product manufacturers to conduct a quality test on the materials and ensure that an accurate product will be delivered to the customers. Presto UV light accelerated weathering tester has been designed with a fluorescent UV lamp to provide the light source inside the chamber. The humidity and the temperature of this lab testing instrument can be controlled easily to achieve the periodic condensation on the test specimen to evaluate the damaging factor completely which are caused due to moisture, sunlight, temperature, and various material aging phenomenon that includes intensity reduction fading, cracking, flaking, cracking, oxidation and chalking. Users can accurately conduct plastic accelerated weathering tests with accuracy with the use of this quality lab testing equipment.

    This lab testing instrument has been made in accordance with industry standards that include ISO 4892-3:2012, ASTM D4329-13, ASTM D4587-11, and ASTM G-151-10. Users can accurately perform this quality test with the help of this accurate lab testing instrument. Now, let’s discuss the top features of the Presto UV accelerated weathering test chamber.

    The most advanced features of Presto UV accelerated weathering test chamber

    This highly advanced lab testing equipment has been made with an excellent control system with the latest HMI touchscreen that will help the manufacturers to conduct the test with ease. Below we have listed the features of this quality lab testing equipment.

    • One of the highly advanced features of this quality lab testing instrument is that it uses UV lamps that offer an original testing light source, as compared to other types of lamps including Xenon Lamps, UV lamps are more accurate and stable.
    • The UVA or UVB lamps incorporated in this lab testing instrument will ensure the comparability of testing results.
    • The temperature settings along with preset timer functions have also been embedded in this testing chamber which helps the manufacturers to conduct weathering tests on the specimen with ease.
    • The inner cabinet of this testing instrument has been fabricated with stainless steel SUS 304 stainless steel material. This will help the manufacturers to conduct weather tests on the materials and ensure that this lab testing instrument will be used for a longer time.
    • An alarm and protection feature is also incorporated in this testing equipment that may alert the users in case of creepage, water breaking, overloading, or overtemperature.

    These are the top 5 features of Presto UV accelerated weathering chamber. If you wish to know more about this testing equipment like the UV accelerated weathering test chamber price, and technical specifications, or want to conduct a free sample testing session for this quality laboratory testing equipment then you can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.

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