Outlook Google Calendar Sync Tool

    • Keep Microsoft Outlook and the Calendar organized and it supports your efficiency on Outlook as you start merging data with that in Google Calendar with this tool. The use of the Sync Outlook to Google Calendar process is now widely seen in comparison to that. In fact, Outlook to Google Calendar Sync is so effective that anyone who knows it once cannot afford to use it. So it is more commonly used than Google Sync, among other things.


      Sync Outlook to Google Calendar 

      Are you looking for a way to import your Google Calendar into Outlook?  You’ll be pleased to know there are better ways to do it besides entering your appointments manually. Using a tool called CompanionLink will allow you to setup a two-way Sync between the Outlook and Google calendar. Once setup, all changes made to either the Outlook or Google calendar will sync in Real-time. Check out the following steps on setting up a CompanionLink sync between Outlook and Google.

      Install CompanionLink from CompanionLink.com.

      After installing, Run CompanionLink from your desktop or start menu.

      Click Settings on the left and sign into your Google account when prompted. 

      Click OK to save the settings.

      Click Sync!

      Key Features of Outlook to Google Calendar Sync:

      Fast Two-Way Syncing

      Real Time Auto Sync (changes sync instantly!)

      Quick and Easy to setup

      Works with any Outlook email type (Exchange, POP3, IMAP)

      Video Link: https://youtu.be/Hzz2mOUdv68